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July 2nd, 2009
San Marcos installs emergency generators


The San Marcos Public Services/Water and Wastewater Utility recently finished installing seven diesel-powered 250-700 watt generators that will backup electrically powered pump stations. The generators reduce the likelihood of water outages or sewer spills.

The generators, made by Holt/Cat, are set up at critical stations around San Marcos. The largest generator is at the Spring Lake Pump Station, a water well dating back to 1914 that supplements the city’s surface water supply. The entire project cost $1.167 million.

“It is important that residents don’t have to worry about flooding around their homes and also about the possibility of running out of clean water,” said Utilities Maintenance Supervisor Bert Hendrix.

The generators are wired into existing power systems and will turn on automatically during a power outage. Once the power comes back on, the generators will shut off after five minutes. Additionally, the generators will run once a week to ensure their readiness.

“San Marcos is believed to have eclipsed area cities in achieving this high level of protection of critical infrastructure,” Director of Public Services Tom Taggart said.

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  1. This is great! One of the main problems during the hurricanes last summer was power outages resulting in water loss and sewage spills, even in inland areas just east of Bryan/College Station. Good work San Marcos in your efforts to mitigate potential hazards!

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