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July 1st, 2009

“We want it to be a park. Because we don’t want just shooting. We want the Boy Scouts to come out and be able to camp.”

Hays County Shooting Sports Task Force Vice Chair J.B. Kolodzey elaborating on a proposal to put a county shooting facility on Dahlstrom Ranch property.


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  1. Well, it would be good for the majority of the county residents. More than half the residents of this county own guns as I understand the stats. But way more than half of them, don’t have a decent place to practice and learn firearm safety.

    And since we have every other kind of park in Hays County that I can think of (besides perhaps Olympic Kurling) it just seems to make sense that some of that park should be used for a county shooting center which could be adaptable to other sports also, such as camping, etc.

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