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June 29th, 2009
PEC seats new board officers


Larry Landaker and Christi Clement were just elected to the Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) board of directors on June 20. Within 10 days, they held the top two positions on the board.

The PEC board voted on June 29 to install Landaker as the new president and Clement as the vice president. District 3 Director Kathryn Scanlon, a relative veteran, became the secretary-treasurer at the special organization held at the cooperative’s Johnson City headquarters.

Also at the meeting, each of the Cooperative’s seven Board members, including the recently elected Clement, Landaker and re-elected District 7 Director Patrick Cox, submitted signed Director affirmation forms. The forms officially seat the new Directors as members of the Cooperative’s Board.

“I’m very honored to be on this board,” said Clement, PEC District 1 Director. “I think we all have different perspectives, and our membership is going to be properly attended to. I think we’re at a very crucial point in time, a juncture in PEC history where there are many difficult issues that will require thoughtful, critical evaluation. There’s a lot of work to get done — let’s get to it.”

Landaker let PEC members and employees know they have a voice.

“If you are a member-owner,” said Landaker, “you have a seat at this table, and your voice will be heard. If you are a PEC employee, I hasten to assure you: everything is going to be all right.”

Landaker also encouraged members to become involved in their cooperative and assured members that he is ready for the challenge of leading the nation’s largest electric cooperative.

“Members of PEC, the power is back in your hands,” Landaker said. “You must pay attention and be engaged. I humbly accept this challenge. There’s heavy lifting ahead, and I have much to learn. I will depend on the kindness of many strangers. But I wish to be very clear: I am prepared, unhesitatingly, to lead the member-owners, the employees and this board.”

Former directors Rusty Allen, Vi Cloud, Robert A. Reed Jr., Val Smith, James Spellman, Blas Tenorio and Dr. Charles Tesar were recognized for their contributions to the cooperative in separate resolutions passed by the board.

PEC’s next board meeting is scheduled for July 20, 10 a.m. at the cooperative’s E. Babe Smith Headquarters Building in Johnson City.

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