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June 22nd, 2009
Conley Express Lube opens for business


Chamber Ambassadors help Will Conley (holding infant) and Mark Ray (holding scissors) cut the ceremonial ribbon.


Conley Express Lube recently cut its ribbon, with a little help from the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce (SMACC).

Conley Express Lube offers wash, detailing and lube services. Their oil change service includes a new filter, up to six quarts of oil, vacuum, tire pressure checking and all fluids topped off. They also now offer safety inspection stickers, windshield repair and radiator and transmission services.

Cutting the ribbon was General Manager/Partner Mark Ray, while owner and Hays County Precinct 3 Commissioner Will Conley (R-Wimberley) watched with his family. SMACC Ambassadors also joined in.

Conley Express Lube is located at 1200 Thorpe Lane. It can be reached at (512) 805-7500.

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0 thoughts on “Conley Express Lube opens for business

  1. Is this really headline news in San Marcos?

    Do you make headline news of every new lube business in San Marcos?

    I didn’t think so.

  2. Django, we get releases on new business openings and events from the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce, like the one for Conley Lube, and print them accordingly. If we get one for another lube business from the chamber, you’ll find it here too.

  3. Since Mobil and Exxon are tied together, that would mean that Conley’s lube center is connected with Exxon -one of the globe’s most unrepentant polluters. This is interesting to me because of the office that Mr. Conley holds.

  4. yes I am sure that every time Exxon-mobil comes out with a new product based on rendered baby seals and polar bears it is because Will asked them to make it just for him. You know back in the late 80s gas was so cheap cause Iran and Iraq were both trying to pay for their war by pumping as much oil as they could. If you were using gasoline back then you are guilty of helping the slaughter. every time you hold the lever of the gas pump, its just like you are pulling the trigger.

  5. Alot of things Mr. Conley supports are less-than-helpful towards the environment.

    Mr. Conley would be the first person to tell you he is no environmentalist and that the entire notion is some sort of left-wing conspiracy.

    That boy ain’t right….he is just plain wrong.

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