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June 18th, 2009
Guest column: Gonzalez fires back at Sumter over CAMPO

Guest Column
City of Kyle

When I was first elected mayor, I received some great advice that has always stayed with me. It was, “always remember that while you may have been elected by some of your citizens, once elected your job is to represent the best interests of all your citizens.”

I think about this as I try to understand why Hays County Judge Liz Sumter seems to repeatedly dismiss, or even undermine, the mobility issues facing our citizens in the eastern portion of Hays County. I thought of this advice again after reading last week’s misleading and politically motivated statements made by Judge Sumter regarding a recent Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) meeting.

Last week, Hays County was successful in securing slightly more than $9 million in federal funding from CAMPO for three road projects in our county. Williamson, Travis and Hays Counties submitted more than $158 million in projects to compete for only $29 million in CAMPO federal funds. Despite Hays County only having three board members on the 20 member CAMPO Board, we were able to secure over 31 percent of the total available funding for our county. I thank my fellow CAMPO board members for thinking regionally and supporting our projects here in Hays County .

As we all know, Hays County, one of the fastest growing counties in Texas, continues to experience significant mobility challenges that have not been addressed or funded.

Unfortunately, rather than working to build on our CAMPO funding success and working together to provide comprehensive safety and mobility solutions for Hays County families, our county judge decided to kick-off a re-election campaign by spreading misinformation and attacking fellow community leaders in a petty attempt to claim full credit for securing the $9 million in funding.

Sumter’s attacks are that much more disappointing because when Hays County needed it most, our Judge chose not to provide true countywide leadership. As county judge, Sumter did not engage local citizens on the Interstate-35 and FM 1626 corridors regarding their mobility needs, did not actively work to build support from other CAMPO board members and entirely missed the critical workshop prior to the meeting where board members advocated for projects.

Yes, the $9 million in federal funding was a success for our county; but we still have a lot of work ahead of us to make our roads safer for Hays County families. Choosing to engage in misleading political attacks will only ensure that the much needed safety improvements to our roads are greatly delayed, or not achieved altogether. Our citizens deserve better. They deserve us working together to serve their needs.

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0 thoughts on “Guest column: Gonzalez fires back at Sumter over CAMPO

  1. Is it no longer possible to access the comments on a particular story without first leaving a comment of one’s own?

  2. What happened to all the comments on this subject that were here yesterday?

    Did somebody hit the delete button?

  3. Well, since my question seems to have been deleted (along with everyone else’s comments from the last few days), I shall ask it again:

    Mayor Gonzalez,

    Why didn’t YOU vote to support SH 21 in the CAMPO workshop?

    Why did you instead use your options to support a program serving only Travis County?

    If you had thrown your support to SH 21,it might it have been funded, at least that’s the way it appears to me.

    Whose idea was it to fund the HERO program over SH 21?

  4. Django, you had actually posted those questions in the story with the headline, “Tension escalates between Barton and Sumter.” They’re still there. Nothing has been deleted. This is a different story.

  5. I posted in both places.

    As of earlier today, the posts from this article were gone.

    Doesn’t it seem odd that there are NO POSTS from an article that came out on June 18?

  6. I am quite sure that no one deleted anything on purpose, these things happen.

    It is just a blog, not my hard drive.

  7. Hey, Mayor Gonzalez,

    It is a simple question.

    Why did you neglect/refuse/fail to support SH 21, a much-publicized road issue in Hays County and contribute to its not being funded by CAMPO?

    A short answer will do.

  8. django…why don’t you use your entire name? Anyway, while you may disagree with what the Mayor does, the one thing that is obvious is that the Mayor has a firm grasp of the issues which others don’t. Your comments do not address, in any meaningful way, the questions posed by the Mayor. Why not address the issues rather than throwing mud? It seems like you have asked the same questions several times when ever Judge Sumpter is attacked, so please quit the tired invective and debate the issues.

  9. Mr. Mayor,

    First let me thank you for informing the public about the current happenings, that we would otherwise not know.
    Thank you.
    Now i would like to address your posting and the question it raises.
    You speak of what has gone wrong, and how what is happening ‘IS’ wrong.
    So i ask this:
    What have you done, since you became aware of this situation, to make a positive difference in the matter you fervently speak of?

    “Our citizens deserve better. They deserve us working together to serve their needs.”

  10. He committed the citizens to $5.6 million in tax notes last week (this is in addition to the Capitol Improvement Plan) which included $2.5 million for software, almost $1 million for heavy equipment (including a $87,000 lawn mower) and over $1 million in consulting fees. Can’t wait to see what the CIP is going to cost us.

    What has Mayor Gonzalez done to make a positive difference ?
    He works hard to spend money to serve our needs…..

    Wonder if he plans on attending a Tea Party this weekend. Probably NOT a good idea for a tax and spend politician.

  11. I would simply like Mayor Gonzalez to reply to why he blew a chance to get a very popular Hays County road project funded by instead prioritizing a Travis County project.

    I am really not the one throwing mud here, seems to me that was the good Mayor.

    I just want to understand what goes on in these politicians’ minds when they are representing us on these regional boards.

    Are they cutting deals? Going along to get along? Not paying attention? Working an agenda they forgot to tell We the People about?

    I do not know Mayor Gonzalez, but looks to me like he is positioning himself to get better known.


  12. django, give it up. The Mayor posted his little PR piece. And now he has gone away. You’re not getting any answers from him. It’s time to move on. And time for Newstreamz to remove his opinion piece. Obviously, no one cares.

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