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June 17th, 2009
Conley joins ‘civic literacy’ nonprofit’s board


Pct. 3 Commissioner Will Conley has joined the board of Austin Community College’s Center for Public Policy & Political Studies along with former Gov. Mark White and Robert Jones, political director for Annie’s List, a group that advocates for election of Democratic women.

“It is a real honor to sit on this board. It’s imperative that the generations of tomorrow have a complete understanding of government at all levels. The great experiment of America only works well when you have an informed and educated public. Hopefully, our service on this board will assist in providing these opportunities for future generations while making our country stronger in the process,” Conley said.

A nonprofit organization, the center’s work include the Jeffrey M. Friedman Political Video History Project, a student-run, CPPPS-supervised voter registration campaign, an award-winning celebration of Constitution Day, production of multiple publications which track single district and other local voting trends, a historical and festive remembrance of Diez y Seis de Septiembre, and various workshops and lectures produced with internal and external ACC community support.

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4 thoughts on “Conley joins ‘civic literacy’ nonprofit’s board

  1. Don’t be surprised if ACC makes another run at jamming the tax increase up our collective snout to bring ACC to San Marcos, with the aid of Big Brother-Big Government-Yours Truly Will Conley.

  2. It appears to me that putting Will Conley on this Board is a blatant insider play to foist an ACC campus upon Hays County.

    Why else choose a rookie political hack who has only a B. A. in Government from Texas State to his credit as an academic?

    Does Conley have any credentials other than his unwavering support for developer roads and water-thirsty housing developments?

    Is this what they are calling political “literacy” these days?

  3. Commissioner Conley has served our community for five years. He has led on every major issue for the county during his tenure. He serves on and leads regional boards across central texas. He owns his own busniess which continues to grow. He has countless advanced training hours on county government and is a graduate of Texas State. Your right he has no qualifcations. It is sad how some of you are so full of hate. Maybe you should look in the mirror and wonder why you are always so angry.

  4. Why is it that anyone who questions authority is considered to be “full of hate”? Sounds like a liberal’s response to any reasonable comment about contemporary issues. If I recall, it is our right to voice our opinion about anything we wish. Hate has nothing to do with it.

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