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June 17th, 2009
City council declines compensation, for now

Managing Editor

Without discussion, the San Marcos city council on Tuesday did not pass an ordinance that would have paid the mayor $750 a month and council members $500 a month.

Mayor Susan Narvaiz and the three council members who voted against the compensation — John Thomaides, Gaylord Bose, Kim Porterfield — said to a person they did so in view of the economic climate and forecasts of a tight municipal budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Council members Chris Jones and Fred Terry voted in favor; council member Pam Couch was not present.

“I think the timing was the reason. It just is not the right time with everything that is going on,” said Narvaiz, who has advocated council pay as a way to encourage more people to run but said she would not accept compensation for the current term.

Said Thomaides, “I still think it’s something that should occur and will probably happen in the future. I just think we should probably wait until the city is in a little bit better budget situation.”

The 4-2 vote comes less than a month after the council in a budget workshop instructed City Attorney Michael Cosentino to draft an ordinance establishing the pay. The city’s voters in November approved a charter amendment giving the council the authority to set its own compensation.

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One thought on “City council declines compensation, for now

  1. Mayor Navariz contention that by paying city council members, it would create opportunities for more citizens who make less money than the current council to run for office is asinine! Navariz need to go back to school and study CIVICS 101 and stick around long enough to graduate.

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