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June 11th, 2009
PRIDE High School graduates 32 students

PRIDE High School graduates.


San Marcos CISD PRIDE High School graduated 32 students on June 3, in a ceremony held in the San Marcos High School auditorium.

Ashli Nicole Hanson, Andrew H Schroeder, Amanda Leigh Brown, Kimberley Solis, Jessical Marie Mendoza and Amanda Lee Solis were each awarded a $2,000 scholarship from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for graduating a year early.

  • Top row, from left to right: Andrew Schroeder, Christopher Tyrone, Lucas Obst and Johnny Olmos.
  • Row 5: Juan Roano, Anthony Garcia, Robert Gutierrez and Jimmy Riojas.
  • Row 4: Gavino Romero, Ernesto Hurtado and Jose Garcia.
  • Row 3: Amanda Brown, Jessica Mendoza, Valerie Burns and Daniel Torres.
  • Row 2: Ashli Hanson, Priscila Casillas and Mariah Flores Bottom.
  • Bottom row: Allison Baker, Brittany Martinez, Kimberly Solis and Amanda Solis.
  • Insert: Alexander Salgado.
  • Not shown: Emma Guli, Samantha De Los Santos, Jessica Greer, Delon Poulson, William Scott, Luis Tamez, James Morgan, Luis Juarez and Hannah Stier.
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0 thoughts on “PRIDE High School graduates 32 students

  1. Anybody but me wonder why +/- 10% of the graduating class graduated from PRIDE and not San Marcos High? On top of that, I’m curious to know why Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board paid 6 of them $2000 each not to graduate from the traditional high school program. Why wasn’t the high school good enough for these folks and why were they paid to graduate early?

  2. I think the $2k scholarship for graduating early is statewide. People who work hard enough to graduate early are most likely going to college, and not being in High School that year saves the ISD and Texas Education Agency money at least $2000.

  3. Actually I was one of those folks who graduated early. I did a full year and a half of work in two months thank you very much. And I’m proud to say I’m in my second year of college now and I’m doing great. People have certain things that happen in their lives and they have to do what they can to better it. I was an all honors student but my living situation wasn’t going well for me, so I graduated a year early. Any more demeaning questions about a person’s choice to graduate early take a different path?

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