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June 2nd, 2009
SMCISD named Technology District of the Year


Left to right: Vicki Carptenter of Time Warner Cable, SMCISD Superintendent Dr. Patty Shafer, SMCISD Director of Instructional Technology Ronda Stonecipher, and Melinda Edmundson of Time Warner Cable. Photo by Iris Campbell.


Time Warner Cable named San Marcos CISD (SMCISD) the Technology District of the Year for the third consecutive year. SMCISD received the award for integrating technology in the classroom

Time Warner has partnered with SMCISD to provide technology to students through the district’s Computers for Learning program. Through this program, qualifying students are given a free computer to use at home, along with training and tutoring for themselves and their families.

The students also receive math and language arts tutoring, along with at-home technical support, if needed.

“In this digital age, it’s critically important for all students to have access to technology at school and at home,” said Stacy Schmitt, Vice President of Communications for Time Warner Cable Central Texas. “Time Warner is pleased to help play a part in helping today’s students become technologically smart and prepared for the future.”

The recognition comes with a $1,100 grant, which was used to purchase operating software for 100 refurbished computers. SMCISD received the refurbished computers for no cost from the Texas prison system.

“Time Warner and San Marcos CISD make a great team helping students, parents and the community connect and communicate,” said SMCISD Director of Instructional Technology Rhonda Stonecipher.

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