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June 2nd, 2009
CTMC participates in Shattered Dreams program


Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) recently participated in the Shattered Dreams program, which encourages students to prevent drunk driving, at Lehman High School and San Marcos Baptist Academy.

Students at each school were selected to be victims in a staged drunk driving accident. The chosen students were transported to CTMC by helicopter and ambulance. Hospital employees staged medical examinations and determined that the participants would not live.

“I think that participating in Shattered Dreams is vital for CTMC because it is an extremely powerful in injury prevention,” said CTMC Trauma Coordinator Susan Youngblood. “If just one teenager who experiences this program decides to never drink and drive, or stops a friend from doing so, it is all worth it.”

Since the beginning of 2009, CTMC has invested more than $7,000 in youth-focused programs.

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