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May 24th, 2009
Sessom, N. LBJ, Lindsey work scheduled this week


The City of San Marcos Public Services Department will begin minor reconstruction of Lindsey Street (from North to Comanche) and asphalt repair of Sessom Drive (from Aquarena Springs Drive to Academy Street) and N. LBJ Drive (from Sessom Drive to Holland Street) this week.

The Lindsey Street project will take two to three weeks to complete, said Bob Ed Cochran, Street/ Traffic Division Manager. Work will start on Tuesday, May 26.

Additionally, the Street Division will begin asphalt repairs on Sessom Drive and N. LBJ Drive. City crews will repair potholes and base failures at various locations along the streets. This work is expected to last two to three weeks. Drivers can expect intermittent lane-closures and delays.

Residents are asked to drive carefully, to watch for heavy equipment and fresh oil and to drive slowly in the construction zone.

These projects are part of the City’s annual minor reconstruction of about eight lane miles of streets. The department maintains more than 290 total lane miles in San Marcos.

For information, contact the Public Services Department at (512) 393-8036.


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3 thoughts on “Sessom, N. LBJ, Lindsey work scheduled this week

  1. It is discouraging that the work on LBJ is not more extensive. This stretch of road is an embarrasment to the city. Both sides are rutted with foot trails from where students walk all day back and forth to campus. If we want to promote pedestrians we should put our money where our mouths are and build sidewalks on both sides of LBJ. An investment on the part of the city might inspire some of the property owners to make similar investments in the run-down shacks that line parts of that street.

  2. North LBJ is scheduled for major reconstruction, which includes bike lanes and sidewalks, as I recall. This is just to hold us over until then.

  3. I think that the condition of the City of San Marcos roads are an embarrasment to the community. They are patched, spliced and put together with duct tape. Then when the City does get around to new surfacing it seems to take months.

    Mayor Narvaiz needs to recognize that our infrastructure is crumbling. No more tax abatements, no more giveaway programs, and please do not burden our community anymore with increasing tax rates. We have given away the farm for the past ten years and now there isn’t enough money in the city coffers to pay for the basic neccesities — our roads and and city maintenance programs.

    Ughhh, San Marcos used to be a better place to live.

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