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May 19th, 2009
Simon school to require uniforms


Red Simon Middle School already was going to be a unique within the Hays CISD.

The district will basically use the new school as a magnet for the economically disadvantaged, pouring in money for smaller class sizes, better teachers and programs that have worked in other locations to improve the chances for poor children to succeed academically.

The new middle school, approximately seven miles east of Interstate-35 next to Hemphill Elementary School, is scheduled to open in August.

Monday night, the Hays CISD Board of Trustees made another move to encourage academic rigor, unanimously approving standardized dress for students at the school.

Michelle Chae, principal of Simon Middle School, presented a proposal to the school board upon the recommendation of parents, who attended an informational meeting in mid-April. With nearly 100 in attendance at the parent meeting, representing about 20 percent of SMS’ students, parents overwhelmingly support standardized dress, Chae told the board.

The dress will be a solid color, collared shirt (one color per grade level) and khaki or navy pants.

In her proposal, Chae said that standardized dress will “help create a school atmosphere suitable for academic study and allow students to focus on the business of school.”

For students who may not be able to afford the clothes, school staff will work through partnerships with local churches and businesses, Chae said.

“(Standardized dress) has never been something the board wanted to dictate to the schools,” said Chip DuPont, president of the Hays CISD trustees. “It’s up to the school to make their environment work for them. If a school decides it wants to do this, the board will be supportive of it.”

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0 thoughts on “Simon school to require uniforms

  1. Bravo. We need to get back to Uniforms in SMISD. Lets put the focus on education rather than fashion.

  2. You mean those baggie pants showing underwear with waaayyy toooo big shirts are not uniforms!
    And lace up your shoes dangit !

  3. I thnk all of this is unessisary. I mean, ya, they shouldn’t be going to school with really short-skirts and half tops, but we have dress code for that. This will be distracting them from what they are REALLY going to school for – learning.

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