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May 19th, 2009
Simon Middle School students will wear uniforms


Hays CISD trustees on Monday unanimously approved a standardized dress for Simon Middle School, the district’s fifth middle school, which will open in August.

Principal Michelle Chae presented a proposal to the School Board upon the recommendation of parents, who attended an informational meeting in mid-April. With nearly 100 in attendance at the parent meeting, representing about 20 percent of the school’s students, parents overwhelmingly support standardized dress, Chae told the school board.

The dress will be a solid color, collared shirt (one color per grade level) and khaki or navy pants.

The standardized dress will “help create a school atmosphere suitable for academic study and allow students to focus on the business of school,” Chae said.

For students who may not be able to afford the clothes, school staff will work through partnerships with local churches and businesses, she said.

“(Standardized dress) has never been something the Board wanted to dictate to the schools,” said school board president Chip DuPont. “It’s up to the school to make their environment work for them. If a school decides it wants to do this, the Board will be supportive of it.”

In other business, the School Board:

• Approved the selection of Humana as the district’s employee health insurance carrier for the 2009-10 school year;

• Named Carolyn Hitt as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. Hitt has served in this capacity as interim for the past year. She has served as principal of Tom Green Elementary School and Buda Elementary School and Assistant Principal and Dean of Students of Hays High School;

• Renewed the contract for one year with Southwest Food Service Excellence as the child nutrition provider;

• Gave Superintendent Jeremy Lyon or his designee authority to negotiate land for a future school site;

• Gave Lyon or his designee authority to work with the City of Kyle for a possible interlocal agreement regarding the planning and design of an indoor swimming pool; and

• Approved a guaranteed maximum price of $850,870 for the renovation of the Kimbro Building at Kyle Elementary School.


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9 thoughts on “Simon Middle School students will wear uniforms

  1. Standardized Dress is an attempt to enact “Uniforms” by another name so as to EVADE TX statute 11.162 which permits individual parents to OPT-OUT their own kids from school uniforms.
    ALL kids should wear APPROPRIATE school clothes—but they need NOT be uniform or formal for discipline and learning. Casual comfort has been the hallmark of TX dress—for both kids & adults—since statehood. What is wrong with the tee shirts and denim jeans made from TEXAS COTTON that have been worn without problem in TX schools for years??? I hope dissenting parents—even if a minority—REFUSE to conform and/or appeal to the TEA if schools refuse to let them opt-out of this standard dress SCAM.
    Those parents who WANT to send their kids in identical, formal clothes for 180 days may CERTAINLY do so; but other parents can do otherwise AS LONG AS THE CLOTHES THEY USE ARE SCHOOL-APPROPRIATE—as tees & jeans certainly are!!!

  2. Gary, I totally agree with your position on standardize uniforms. I have yet to see the causal link between dress and academic achievement.

  3. ETHEL—Thank you. Will you PLEASE (if you are local there) encourage ANY dissenting parents to try to opt-out their kids; and even if opt-out is denied, just SEND them in APPROPRIATE non-uni clothes–especially logo clothes of your Tx football teams that will be playing in the FALL (the Cowboys and your many college teams). Or another way to “get away” with violating the code is to send a kid in a tee shirt issued by the State (like a TX state shirt, a DARE shirt, or anti-smoking tee sold by state or local agencies). They wouldn’t DARE arrest & suspend a kid wearing such a tee!!!! Use camera phones to photograph and send to the media any kids they try to remove from the clasroom for wearing such appropriate logo clothes!!!

  4. Consider it done! A parent and neighbor told me, that it reminded her of Hitler’s Brown Shirts Youth Brigade.

  5. Lila, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but I’ available for Sunday brunch if that works for you.

  6. I agree with the uniforms. There are entirely too many children with lack of parential supervision. This lack of supervision has forced other parents and community leaders to step in and protect all children. I personally have 4 children and I am discusted by the girls ages 10-18 who wear skin tight strapless almost see through shirts and boys whos butts are hanging out of the back of their pants, and no one does anything about it. most of the time they are with their parents. Thats why i agree with this Uniform decision. Proper school attire has been compromised by lack of supervision, so if our kids have to be unifyed, whats wrong with that. We are supposed to be a unifyed nation supporting one another. I think its good for them. When we get older most of us wear a uniform to work, because we have a job to do and that represents the work we are there to accomplish, no different for school uniforms, they are there to learn and school uniforms reoresent the job they are there to accomplish.

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