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May 18th, 2009
Tibbe: No comment on latest Peach remarks


Hays County District Attorney Sherri Tibbe said Monday that her office will have no response to the newest remarks from Lynn Peach, the former assistant district attorney who resigned last week in protest over the office’s handling of a recent drug prosecution.

“The only side being presented publicly is Ms. Peach’s continued interaction with the press,” Tibbe’s office said in a prepared statement. “We prefer to have the facts and circumstances presented in court proceedings where they will be properly and thoroughly addressed by a judge and jury.”

In an interview Monday with Newstreamz, Peach said she was compelled by the rules of her profession to inform the counsel for convicted steroid runner Shawn Nathan Shipman about possible improprieties in the investigation leading to Shipman’s arrest in October 2007.

Shipman pleaded guilty in March and was sentenced to his 498 days served.

Shipman’s attorney, David Watts, moved for a re-trial. Peach testified that the original informant against Shipman was not a concerned citizen, as police and prosecutors represented. Rather, said Peach, the original informant was a confidential informant who was cooperating with police to better her own legal situation.

Shortly after Peach testified, District Judge Jack Robison recused himself from the case and the district attorney’s office was not given the chance to cross-examine Peach. Shipman was granted a new trial on May 4, with Tibbe offering no objection.

Shipman’s new trial is set for late June.

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9 thoughts on “Tibbe: No comment on latest Peach remarks

  1. I am very interested to see how all of this plays out. There has been so much attention lately about innocent people being jailed and having their whole lives ruined. The object of both defense and prosecution should not be to win. It should be to see that justice is administered.

  2. I cannot understand why there seems to be such an effort to demonize and discredit Lynn Peach, i.e., the blog by ‘Curious.’ Have we become so cynical that we cannot believe that someone saw something wrong and actually had the moral courage to try to do something about it without having their own agenda?

  3. Mr. Shipman did get another and trial and was found not guilty. It will be interesting to see just how far the corruption goes in the Hays County D.A. office, if/when this is ever investigated. I have noted that not one news source out of Austin or San Antonio has carried anything regarding this case.

  4. I worked as an attorney with Lynn, and I am now a federal law enforcement officer investigating public corruption. She did the right thing. Her courage should be applauded. She actions renew my faith in the integrity of the legal profession.

  5. Kristy…you should come to SM and open up an investigation into the allegations made by Lynn. I think an outside, independent investigation by you and your federal agency would be welcomed by all involved.

  6. Kristy may be an attorney but I doubt that she is investigating public corruption.

    Hays County is burdened with systemic political corruption from top to bottom, but no federal agent would announce an investigation, especially considering the actions and public remarks by Ms Peach.

    Maybe Officer Kristy will contact me. I’m not hard to find and I have plenty of evidence showing organized corruption in Hays County.

  7. Yes Charles, let’s hear it. The public has a right to know all this evidence you’re holding! I think Dom DeLuise played a character like you in the 1982 musical that also starred Burt Reynolds & Dolly Parton. I can’t wait to hear & see THIS song and dance. Shine your light Watchdog!

  8. Isn’t withholding evidence of organized crime a federal offense? If so, Charles appears to be in real trouble based on his last statement! Of course, it’s probably just more hot air from him—like the summer heat outside!

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