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May 18th, 2009
Peach speaks about DA controversy

Former Hays County Assistant District Attorney Lynn Peach, who resigned this month in protest of the county’s handling of a drug case. Photo by Sean Wardwell.

Managing Editor

Former Hays County Assistant District Attorney Lynn Peach said she believes in playing by the rules.

“It’s about honesty and fairness,” Peach said late last week. “As a prosecutor, we have the upper hand in every case. We have an investigation that’s been done by a police agency. We have resources. We have access to witnesses. The rule of law, I guess, favors us, though the defendant has some rights. Realizing that, we have a code of ethics, and the code of ethics charges prosecutors with a higher duty … We don’t have to break the rules to get convictions. Getting convictions isn’t what it’s about. It’s about fair play. Do people get away with crimes? Yes, every single day. But, our system is set up to protect people.”

Peach resigned in protest from the Hays County District Attorney’s office on May 11 due to what she believed was misconduct on the part of Assistant District Attorney Chris Johnson and San Marcos Police Department (SMPD) Detective Laray Taylor in the conviction of Shawn Nathan Shipman on narcotics charges.

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9 thoughts on “Peach speaks about DA controversy

  1. Thank you, Lynn Peach! How refreshing to hear your views about law, prosecution, and doing what is right. No doubt this and much more goes on at the county and city level all the time, and you just weren’t used to to how things have worked in Hays County for decades. The GOOD OLE BOY network targets people like Shipman and too often turns a blind eye to violations of codes of conduct.
    With that comes some absolutely wonderfully genuine folks doing the best they can to help neighbors and make this a better community.
    One uniguely San Marcos event is the Summer in the Park free concert series every Thursday evening on the stage across from the gazeebo. It starts with The Derailers on June fourth. If you see me there, please introduce yourself; so, that I may welcome and thank you personally.

  2. I don’t know what “Good Ole Boy” network you are refering to. Sherri Tibbe does live in Buda, but she worked for the Travis County Attorney office before running for District Attorney here. There is not a single attorney with the District Attorney’s office that worked here five years ago, or to my knowledge had any connection with Hays County.

  3. I am talking about the attitude of individuals, officers, and prosecutors that target certain groups or types and those who maintain to a code other than and in conflict with the law.

  4. Isnt this picture taken on the balcony of David Watts office? Makes you wonder what was really going on there and her communication up to the point of her testimony.

  5. Hey Curious, if you had ever been to Watts office you would know there aren’t any balcony’s in that office building. Well, if you have been around here for a while you might remember that you can see Watts old office on the 2nd story of the Court house if the camera had moved to the left just a bit. You could say that it had a balcony as the widows opened on to the roof. Now please identify yourself and cut out the snarly comments.

  6. Lynn Peach is a glory hound and just looking for an easy run at stardom, people ask for what, well ask her. David watts swore up and down he would not represent a child molester, well he represented timothy Syfers a child molester through and through in Jan 09 for the money and only the money, he knew when he took the job the guy was guilty. it was easy money for him.. Don’t get me wrong he did the right thing because the guy is a creep but if he said he would represent a child molester well bingo he just did. Nice job you two.

  7. Lynn Peach did the right thing, not the easy thing. Being a single parent, it must have been difficult giving up her career. She’s not a “glory hound, she is a professional.

  8. I have first hand evidence against the corrupt activity between The DA assistant DA Cathy Compton and CPS attempting to prosecute cases with litle to no evidence. We were able to rally state investigations of Hays Co DA office and CPS. Tibbe announced she would not rerun as soon as this investigation began. Hays Co is full of unethical city practice. I pray this will be rectified.

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