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May 18th, 2009
Jude Prather’s Blog: ‘That election bug could catch me again’


After hearing that I will not be coming back home to San Marcos until mid- August, or depending how long it takes to medical out-process, maybe weeks to months longer, I have decided not to run for San Marcos City Council in the 2009 election.

I apologize to our Citizens for jumping the gun and announcing too early, but please be understanding of my unusual circumstance. The Army term for it is “scuttlebutt”, and when I announced running for City Council my unit was expected to be out-processing from Ft. Hood by mid July. Although the July deadline is still true for nearly half of the recalled soldiers in my unit, I am in the second half of recalled soldiers coming home at a later time than I had originally expected.

This would give me a very short window to put together an effective campaign, while also adjusting to coming home from the war, newlywed married life, and returning to school. It was a really hard reality check and a personal “gut-check” to come to grips with, but it was a decision I had to make. To meet all the citizens necessary to effectively run a successful campaign, along with other family responsibilities, under such a short time frame would have been unsuccessful.

However, I still plan to be a very active citizen in the San Marcos community, promoting our town’s diversity and lively culture will be a task my wife and I will gladly live. I want to push to make San Marcos the most efficient town in water usage and energy consumption, while planning for the future needs of water resources, I want to protect jobs in our city and help create careers, promote bike and transit, participate in solutions toward bridging the town and gown issues, contribute to protecting the quality of life in our neighborhoods, promote sound economic policies for our town, advocate for our police and fire departments to have the tools necessary to make us safe, but most importantly help in protecting our city’s soul, the San Marcos River and our green spaces. I also have a deep passion to make San Marcos the most Veteran friendly town in America, through a series of Veterans Initiatives I will advocate for when I return, and getting the word out to the military communities about San Marcos, so that Veterans will come to our town and retire or attend Texas State under the “New GI Bill”.

Understand all of this will be done as a private citizen, but we most know that we can change our city for the better, through the power to vote, being vocal, and involved in your community. These actions are a start in being able to change the world one city at a time for a better tomorrow and you never know that election bug could catch me again. Thank you and God Bless

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