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May 14th, 2009
Hernandez Gentlemen's Club honored at banquet

Larry M. Harvey, National Coordinator of the Gentlemen’s Club and The Peters Group, with the Hernandez Gentlemen’s Club.


The Gentlemen’s Club of Hernandez Middle School was recently awarded the status of “Model GC School,” by Larry M. Harvey, National Coordinator of the Gentlemen’s Club and The Peters Group.

“Great things are always possible for our children with strong leadership and commitment, qualities that are undoubtedly present and thriving in San Marcos,” Harvey said.

The club held its banquet at Embassy Suites on May 8. The event culminated a year’s worth of activities and lessons, which helped the young men improve their character and become upstanding citizens,

The club’s curriculum, designed by the Peters Group, included lessons on understanding difficulties, managing behaviors, anger management, meal etiquette and the importance of an education.

The Hernandez club is the first of its kind in Texas, and the school honored 21 students with certificates for completing their first year in the program.

Said Hernandez Principal Sandra Reyes, “Additional years for these students to continue in the Gentlemen’s Club will only be possible through continued funding outside of the school district.”

Original funding for the club came from a $10,000 donation from the Texas Pioneer Foundation, led by its board of directors and President Fred Markham.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the club can contact the San Marcos CISD business office at (512) 393-6727.

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