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May 12th, 2009
Two candidates vie to be new Democratic chair

Managing Editor

Two candidates have declared themselves candidates to become the next Hays County Democratic Party chair, when current chair Anna Martinez Boling steps down on May 21.

Courtney Strange, past president of the Texas State College Democrats, and Katie Bell Moore, who cites extensive party experience from her work in Travis County, said they are best qualified to lead the party through the 2010 election.

“I will bring a strong, vital and unique quality to the chair position,” Moore said. “Since I am a relative newcomer, I don’t have strong alliances with any of the factions in our county.”

Continued Moore, “I believe this attribute can really aid me in helping to unite and organize our party for the 2010 election season. We do not have time for factions and dissent among party leaders. As our county grows, our success is dependent upon our unity as strong Democrats.”

Strange points to his experience organizing elections in Hays County and helping organize major party events.

“I’ve been a resident of Hays County for five years, and graduated from Texas State University, with a degree in political science,” said Strange. “I served as both president and vice president of the Texas State College Democrats. During my term as president I oversaw some of the biggest political events ever to come to Hays County, including President Obama’s major campaign speech in San Marcos, Senator Ted Kennedy’s speech on the Texas State University Campus, and local appearances by President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton.”

Added Strange, “In preparing for these exciting events, I was able to organize large groups of students, as well as coordinate with the local Democratic organizations to make these events a success.”

The 2010 election will see several seats held by Democrats up for grabs, including county judge and county commissioner precincts two and four. Furthermore, a heated primary is expected between current County Judge Liz Sumter and Precinct 2 Commissioner Jeff Barton, though neither has announced their candidacies.

Despite her newcomer status, having moved to Buda last year, Moore has set a vision for the party.

“My priorities as Chair of HCDP (Hays County Democratic Party) will be to increase fundraising, reach out to the younger demographic, upgrade our communications system, and plan a coordinated campaign for 2010,” Moore said. “I have the time, energy and skills necessary to help Hays County Dems take the next step. We must energize and engage the entire party, and keep the momentum moving forward through the midterm election. Our local government has a strong Democrat base, and, in 2010, we can keep it that way, as we grow even stronger together.”

Strange stressed his local ties and familiarity with local issues as the strengths of his candidacy.

“I am familiar with the issues important to Hays County such as water use, land development and new roads, and the differences some Democrats have with these issues,” Strange said. “I want to foster a spirit of unity, compromise and finding common ground on these types of issues that are frequently based on regional differences.”

Continued Strange, “As Democrats, we must also combine our collective wisdom to develop fundraising strategies that will be effective during these difficult economic times. I will always lead by combining fresh, new ideas needed to succeed in the twenty first century, with the experience of our members who have accomplished so much in the past.”

Both Strange and Moore also point to their extensive experience working and volunteering on political campaigns as well.

Boling has declined to make an endorsement in the race, saying that both candidates would be fine leaders for the party. The HCDP Executive Committee, which consists of the party’s precinct chairs, will meet at 6 p.m. in the San Marcos Activity Center on May 21 to elect the new chair to fill out the remainder of Boling’s term.

Though Strange and Moore have openly declared their candidacies, there will still be an open nomination process. The meeting will be open to the public. For more information, contact the HCDP at (512) 392-4775.

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0 thoughts on “Two candidates vie to be new Democratic chair

  1. Courtney Strange is a proven leader. Under his watch, the College Democrats brought Barack Obama to our great county…this was huge.

    In addition to this and other great events, Courtney led the effort to register voters, and ended up registering thousands of voters to help local candidates get elected.

    Although Steve Clepfer lost his race for County Commission against Will Conley, he won the precients that Courtney Strange and the College Dems helped him in.

    Courtney has a record of not just talking, but getting things done for the betterment of Hays County. There should be no question as to who preceint chairs should vote for for HCDP chair.

  2. Hold on there. I like what the other candidate says about increasing fundraising and upgrading the communications system (the website really stinks) and planning a coordinated campaign (which means everyone) next year. I also like the fact they state that they have plenty of time to do all this. Being county chairman takes tons of time. It’s more than just organizing a few events from time to time or being involved in political races. It’s filling out forms. And filling out more forms. And more forms. And going to endless meetings. And negotiating between people who don’t always act like adults. We need someone who is really mature and can keep up with all of this – without pulling out their hair. I was treasurer for the party for a number of years so I know about the mundane parts of the job.

    The County Chairmen will have to appeal to all Democrats, young, old and middle-aged, not just students. I like the idea of a newcomer with no baggage, but one with experience in another county. They might just bring some fresh ideas to our party organization from somewhere else.

    And its an unpaid position. You have to be really devoted to the job. All year long – not just during the excitement of elections.

  3. Lila Darling,

    If you are supporting Katie Bell Moore that means she is a Bartonista like you and she will work closely with Jeff Barton as he runs for the county judge position next year.

    You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time…but you can’t fool me at all.

    Do you know Katie? I believe you do.

  4. a thousand lies told a thousand times is only a million lies. if me odell thinks he fools anyone, any of the time he is the self inflicted victim of a monstrous deception. he should go back to his job as a wall-mart greeter in Oklahoma or Kansas, where ever it is that he is really from

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