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May 12th, 2009
Peach resigns in protest from DA’s office

Managing Editor

Hays County Assistant District Attorney Lynn Peach, the whistleblower whose allegations of misconduct recently caused the District Attorney’s Office to recuse itself from the retrial of Shawn Nathan Shipman, tendered her resignation Monday.

“I believe that the profound philosophical differences that exist between office policy and myself are unworkable,” Peach said. “I will be going into private practice after spending too many years to count believing that I would always be a career prosecutor. No matter what happens from this point on or the circumstances, I believe that I did the right thing.”

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0 thoughts on “Peach resigns in protest from DA’s office

  1. It’s nice to know that there are still attorneys that believe in ethics and have moral principles they stand by. It’s unfortunate however that they find the need to go into private practice, leaving those less fortunate to deal with whose left in the county. Either way, congratulations on your decision Ms. Peach and good luck.

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