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May 11th, 2009
DA’s office moves to recuse self from Shipman case

Managing Editor

Hays County District Attorney Sherri Tibbe has filed a motion to recuse both herself and her staff from the retrial of Shawn Nathan Shipman. Tibbe has asked that Mark Kimball, a former Bell County assistant district attorney, be appointed as a special prosecutor.

David S. Watts, Shipman’s legal counsel, indicated to the district attorney’s office that he has no objection to the motion. However, the court has yet to rule on it.

Shipman was arrested in 2007 on narcotics charges and pleaded guilty to delivery or distribution of a dangerous drug. Under a plea agreement, he was sentenced to the 498 days of time he had already served. However, Assistant District Attorney Lynn Peach alerted Watts to the possibility of misconduct in the case against his client, resulting in a new trial.

Peach testified that the original informant against Shipman was not a concerned citizen, as San Marcos Police Department (SMPD) Detective Laray Taylor and Hays County Assistant District Attorney Chris Johnson represented. Rather, said Peach, the original informant was a confidential informant who was cooperating with police to better her own legal situation.

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0 thoughts on “DA’s office moves to recuse self from Shipman case

  1. Unreal. Sounds like the Hays County DA’s office needs some remedial instruction on the 4th Amendment.

  2. Sounds like we need a new DA. I understand that one DA quit last week because of the ethical lapses and the DAS leadership had a 2 hour closed door meeting with their staff (other than Lynne Peach) trying to convince the staff they did nothing wrong and to just shut up if they want to keep their jobs. I guess that one didn’t work out well. . Now I hear that Lynne Peach has quit. All of the rumors that I hear are the Defense lawyers cooked this up. There is no way that they could have cooked up this one, its straight from Grisham and frankly, Watts, Mc Nabb, Pape and Sergi and whoever else just aren’t smart enough. Seems like its time for Ms Tibbe to quit so that we can get a ethical and effective DA. Mmmm but that would be the Govs’ appointment. . Guess we will have to wait for 2010.

  3. Interesting article. I am with Soechting who wrote on the Mercury that if someone is going to write a op-ed piece then and attack someone please have the decency to use your real name. This is a forum for important issues and hiding behind stage names only cheapens the discussion. While I have my own thoughts about the matter I will keep those to myself as there are careers on the line and each player deserves to have their day in Court

  4. So the people with the DA’s office that knew they were doing the wrong things have resigned. What about the person that lead them down that path ?

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