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May 8th, 2009
School board campaigns declare finances

Money, the fluid of politics.

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Campaign finance reports for the four candidates running in the San Marcos CISD election Saturday show a range of approaches, from former San Marcos Mayor David Chiu’s almost entirely self-financed effort to the outpourings of small contributions for incumbent Trustees President Judy Allen and challenger Chris North. A fourth candidate, Vincent Delgado, lagged well behind the other three in fundraising.

Chiu is, by far, the largest fundraiser and spender in the campaign, but $2,700 of his campaign treasury came from his personal resources. The only two other contributions to his race were a $250 stake from John Schott, and a $10 contribution from J.D. Ellsworth.

Chiu has spent $2,814 of the $2,960 he has raised on yard signs, all in the first reporting period, which ended on April 9. For the period ending on May 1, Chiu reported no contributions or expenditures.

Allen edged North with $2,245 in contributions, with 11 supporters ponying up more than $50. Her expenditures were $887.32, with $344.46 being spent to make postcards.

North raised $2,140 from 26 different contributors, more than half of whom chipped in $50 or less. North’s largest contributors are her ex-husband, Dave North, Andrew and Teresa Hobby, and former John McCain presidential campaign manager Mark McKinnon, all of whom contributed $200.

As of the May 1 filing, North declared $1,494 in campaign expenditures. North spent $738.98 for campaign literature postcards, $84 for postage and $505.17 for yard signs, among her main expenses.

Delgado raised $1,180. The name of the largest contributor, who kicked in $330, is illegible on the campaign finance report submitted to the school district. Asked to name the contributor, Delgado and his campaign treasurer, David Mendoza, were unable to do so. After that contribution, the largest contribution to Delgado was $200 from former Hays County Judge Don Rains. A dozen other people contributed to Delgado’s campaign.

Delgado’s itemized expenditures in the two campaign finance reports added up to $535.90, with $374.90 going to campaign signs.

All of campaign finance reports for each candidate can be accessed below. The election will be held Saturday.

Judy Allen’s April 9 report.

Judy Allen’s May 1 report.

David Chiu’s April 9 report.

David Chiu’s May 1 report.

Vincent Delgado’s April 9 report.

Vincent Delgado’s May 1 report.

Chris North’s April 9 report.

Chris North’s May 1 report.

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