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May 8th, 2009
Paper Trail: Democrats compete for party chair

Two longtime Democratic activists, Buda resident Katie Bell Moore and San Marcos residents Courtney Strange, are seeking appointment as the county party’s interim chair position.

San Marcos attorney Anna Martinez Boling has said she is resigning effective May 21 when the party’s precinct chairs will select a replacement to serve until the next Democrat Party primary in March 2010.

These are the letters Strange and Moore have sent to fellow party members in pursuit of their support for the interim chair position.


» Katie Bell Moore’s letter [pdf]

» Courtney Strange’s letter [pdf]

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One thought on “Paper Trail: Democrats compete for party chair

  1. I am glad that Anna has announced that she will not run for any other office nor seek it. I can understand her frustration. She worked hard to elect a slate of Democrats in Hays County. While she was able to maintain some past proven winners line Debbie and Patrick, the newcomers she brought to the table like our County Judge and incumbent DA seem tarnished and hard to re elect. Anna would have a lot of explaining to do if she remained as County Chair. It’s better to let someone else do that. If you’re not on the campaign trail you don’t have to explain your choices.

    While I know both Judge Sumpter and Sherri Tibbe seemed like a good idea 2 years ago when she brought them to the table, events have proved otherwise. I guess now is as good a time as any to ride in the sunset and give up elected politics, given the turn of events

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