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May 7th, 2009
Boling steps down as county Dem chair

Managing Editor

After a year of service, local attorney Anna Martinez Boling has decided to step down as chair of the Hays County Democratic Party (HCDP).

“I am resigning in order to to concentrate on my business as I am self-employed,” Boling said, “and to spend more time with my four-year-old daughter, Maia.”

Said Boling, “The duties are more time consuming.”

Boling pointed to many accomplishments by the HCDP during her term as head of the county Democrats, including a full slate of precinct chairs and electoral successes in 2008.

“Of course it was a very exciting campaign, helping to elect President Obama,” Boling said. “I’ve very proud of our volunteer participation and my strategy team.”

Boling also had warm words for the Texas State College Democrats and other local democratic clubs.

“The university is very important for elections,” Boling said.  “We’re very excited about the College Democrats. We couldn’t do it without them.”

Boling offered a frank assessment of the Democrats’ past and future in Hays County.

“Hays County is different,” Boling said. “We had some Democratic success in 2006. We swept all but three races. Last year it wasn’t quite as blue as I’d like. You never know. We have a lot of independents that will vote for the candidate they feel is most qualified. They do their homework. I do feel that we’re bluer than in the past.”

So far, two party members have expressed interest in filling the rest of Boling’s term:  former Texas State College Democrats President Courtney Strange and party member Katie Bell Moore.

The party will select a new chair to fill out the remainder of Boling’s term on May 21 at the San Marcos Public Library in a 6 p.m. meeting. Though two candidates have announced, there will be an open nomination process. Boling is refusing to make an endorsement between the candidates, calling both very enthusiastic and dedicated.

Looking back, Boling said the HCDP made great strides and looks forward to the future.

“I definitely believe we are more active and organized than the Republicans,” said Boling. “I also believe that we have more Democrats in Hays County than Republicans. We just need to get them out to vote.”

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