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May 6th, 2009
Texas State teams up for sports tech


Pro Sports Technologies and Texas State’s Center for Research Commercialization are working to change how spectators and athletes view sports.

Pro Sports, a San Antonio business, wants to implement a broad network of technologies to track where an object is at any moment of play on a sporting field, specifically football.

“We aren’t looking to change the way the game is played,” said Pro Sports founder Daniel Rodriguez. “We’re only looking to enhance it.”

According to the Center for Commercialization Director Terry Golding, the partnership is two-fold. The first part is to determine if the project is workable and whether technology can be developed to accomplish the company’s goals. The second stage is to locate funding options for research and development for that technology, providing university support for its facilities, faculty and its knowledge.

“Texas State’s role is to provide a venue for a local company who has the idea, who has the business savvy, but may not have the advanced technological know-how, resources or facilities to get their project moving in the desired direction,” said Golding. “In return, Texas State students and departments get the advantage of gaining experience through understanding private business needs and in developing various complex technological projects.”

The ultimate goal of the project is to provide sports statistics, location, trajectories and other aspects that would not only affect how the rules of the game are judged, but also provide information the fan can follow in a potential play-by-play analysis.

“So far everything is working out very well,” said Rodriguez. “We’ve been contacted by major sporting goods companies nationwide, as well as some professional sports franchises who are interested in our progress.”

Pro Sports has funding to work on initial phases of the project and is continuing to look for private industry funding, as well as public grants.

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