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May 6th, 2009
Letter: Keep reforms going at Pedernales Electric


I filed the appeal of the PEC lawsuit settlement that was ruled on by the Third Court of Appeals. Although the appeal was unsuccessful, I continue to be concerned about the co-op’s future, and have been asked by several candidates for support in the PEC Director election. In your coverage of the pending election, I hope you will find room for my endorsement of Larry Landaker, Cristi Clement, and Patrick Cox.

This election will finally end the decades-long dynasty of Directors who dozed while the PEC was managed like a personal fiefdom. This election will create a 5-to-2 Board majority for reform-minded Directors; beginning in June, there will be only two lonely holdovers from the good-old-boy era.

Landaker, Clement, and Cox will continue the reformation of the PEC Board of Directors into a governing body that will be responsive to the co-op member/owners. I believe they are the best qualified and have the strongest commitment to ethical governance and fiscal responsibility.

David Allen Hall, Ph.D.

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One thought on “Letter: Keep reforms going at Pedernales Electric

  1. David,

    Seeing as how you never attend any PEC Meetings, how would you know who’s qualified to serve on the board and what the current needs of the co-op are? Your endorsement of special-interest group backed candidates is gravely disappointing. After everything we members have been through the last thing we need is a bunch of puppets controlled by a few powerful people, much like we had with Bennie Fuelberg and Bud Burnett. You ran last year as an independent candidate, and I supported you for that. Now you appear to be a turn-coat, selling out the rate payers to endorse some people I bet you don’t even know.

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