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May 5th, 2009
Animal Services encourages classroom adoption


The City of San Marcos Animal Services wants businesses, civic groups and individuals to help children learn to care about animals by adopting a classroom.

The Adopt-a-Classroom program teaches elementary school children to treat animals with care, kindness and respect.

Each $30 contribution made to Animal Services for the Adopt-a-Classroom program provides a K-6 teacher, and his or her class, with a subscription to KIND News.

This classroom newspaper features articles, activities, puzzles and celebrity interviews that emphasize the importance of kindness and help children put basic values like compassion, responsibility and respect into practice.

A subscription to KIND News includes nine monthly issues, which run from September through May. Each issue comes with 28 copies of the newspaper and a teacher’s guide. Teachers also get a mega-sized calendar poster of facts and tips, and have access to reproducible worksheets to supplement each issue.

KIND has been highly acclaimed by teachers nationwide, receiving numerous awards for educational and editorial excellence. Animal Services hopes to provide this tool to as many as 200 San Marcos classrooms.

Donors may designate a specific classroom to receive the paper, or Animal Services can make a selection from a list of classrooms waiting to be adopted.

To make a contribution, or to find out more information, visit this website, or contact Animal Services at (512) 805-2650. Information can also be obtained via email.

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