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May 4th, 2009
Guest column: announces endorsements

Editor’s note: Following is the slate of endorsements for the Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) board of directors as offered by pec4u.orf. The opinions hereby put forth are not necessarily those of Newstreamz, its employees or associates.

The second–ever, open and competitive election in the history of Pedernales Electric Cooperative is underway. The Steering Committee of has endorsed candidates for each of the three Board positions up for election by PEC members. Those candidates are:

District 1 – Cristi Clement
District 6 – Larry Landaker
District 7 – Dr. Patrick Cox (unopposed)

According to Steering Committee member Ric Sternberg, “We believe the people we have endorsed are best suited to continue the work of implementing the reforms that have begun to make PEC a more open, responsive and efficient co–op. They possess the qualifications, experience and commitment needed to ensure reforms achieved over the past year such as fair elections, open records, and open records.”

Committee member Sue Barnett adds, “In addition these candidates are committed to seeking full implementation of goals for increasing renewable sources of energy and conservation. They will also focus on working with management to address issues of past financial mismanagement raised in the Navigant Report.”

Committee member Hillary Hart observed, “Last year the pec4u Steering Committee endorsed candidates in each of 5 races; three of those candidates won and have since provided critical leadership in advancing reforms sought by members. We are confident the candidates endorsed this year will be equally important in shaping a sound future for PEC.”

The other members of the Steering Committee are Annie Borden, Bill Christensen, John Watson and Chris Perry.

The election is at–large, so every PEC member is entitled to vote for a candidate in each of the three districts. This year’s election provides members an opportunity to exercise, further, the key cooperative principle of member control. Free and open elections came about only because of member demands, widespread, relentless media attention and the pressure of the class action lawsuit. The candidates endorsed by the Steering Committee firmly favor making free and fair elections a permanent and unalterable part of PEC’s governance.

Ballots are to be mailed on May 6 and voting takes place through June 12. Members can vote one of three ways: on the mail–in ballot received in the mail, through the PEC website, or in person at the annual meeting on June 20 in Johnson City. Even if members plan to vote online, they need to keep their ballot forms because they will need the numbers printed on the forms for online voting.

All candidates have been invited to have profiles and answers to questions posted at The PEC web site ( also has information and videos for all candidates.

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  1. Do not vote for these pec4u puppets. Pec4u is really pec4afew…a small group of people who wish to control our co-op. They are no better than Bennie and Bud in their attempts to take over the PEC. Vote for the independent candidates. They are the true representatives of the member/owners of the PEC.

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