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May 1st, 2009
New textbook company opens in San Marcos


Rivertown Textbooks has announced a unique new service for the students of Texas State.

A primarily web-based company, Rivertown Textbooks said it provides students a distinctive textbook shopping, buyback, and rental service characterized by unprecedented convenience, enabling students to save time and money.

Customers will be able to create their own accounts on the Rivertown Textbooks website, enter their class schedules and rent or purchase required class materials, which will be delivered to their residences. Rivertown Textbooks said it offers used book prices that are generally lower than competing college bookstores.  Similarly, real-time buyback prices and a pick-up and pay systems allow students to sell textbooks without leaving home.

College textbooks have always constituted a significant portion of higher education costs, but have considerably risen in the past couple of decades. Founded by college students, Rivertown Textbooks said it is responding to a need to streamline textbook costs and introduce new options.

Until now, students at Texas State have not been afforded the opportunity to rent textbooks. According to the National Association of College Stores (NACS), there were 17.7 million college students enrolled in classes for the 2006 semester, all of whom spent roughly $650 on required textbooks that year. Rivertown Textbooks said its fixed price rental option, would enable that student to spend only $339 each year. The company also said its delivery service, coupled with a satisfaction guarantee, will assure students a stress-free experience.

For more information about Rivertown Textbooks, visit the website at

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3 thoughts on “New textbook company opens in San Marcos

  1. Thank Goodness! The current textbook stores are ridiculous! For example, I paid $48.00 for a newly published book in the Fall semester and was only offered $5.00 when I tried to sell it back at the end of the semester!! And then they turn around and resell it again to other students for $42.00 used!! Makes the pirates on the open seas look like angels!
    These textbook stores and publishers could never sell those books in the real world retail market at those prices, but they have an audience who faces no choice but to pay those high prices —-until now. Thank you Rivertown Textbooks!

  2. This is a great idea!! I’m definitely buying my books from this place. Save money and have them picked up? Uh, yea I think that’s an obvious choice…

  3. Sounds good but Textbook Solutions offers $106 that Rivertown was only offering $42 for. See for yourself 9780470383346. Both give buyback prices online.

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