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April 30th, 2009
San Marcos is calling all artists

San Marcos Arts Commission members holding a workshop. From left to right: Arlis Hiebert, Valerie Short, Diann McCabe and Eva Doty.


The San Marcos Arts Commission is looking for all local artists to help build an Arts Master Plan for the City of San Marcos.

The commission is asking all interested artists, organizations and businesses to provide their contact information and a brief description of their artistic contributions to the San Marcos community.

This will be part of an effort to compile a local inventory of arts and cultural assets, which will include individual and performing artists, arts organizations, art galleries, cultural organizations, art teachers and public art and performance venues.

“While the members brainstormed and came up with many assets, we know that we did not identify everything,” said Diann McCabe, vice chair of the commission. “We want this master plan to be a community project with input from every facet of the community, including artists, performers, business, teachers, students and anyone else who is interested in developing and showcasing our artistic community.”

Citizens can fill out an online Arts and Cultural Assets Questionnaire, which can be found here.

Artists are asked to contact or send information to Lisa Morris, Recreation Program Manager, at (512) 393-8409, or via email.

Information can also be mailed to the City of San Marcos – Arts Commission, 630 East Hopkins, San Marcos, TX 78666.

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0 thoughts on “San Marcos is calling all artists

  1. I would like to purpose that while you are putting together your artist, please do not leave out culinary artist, and I dont mean profesiosnal, gone to college to get a degree culinary(although there certainly is nothing wrong with that) but I mean the everyday Susie Homemaker type who makes a wonderful homemade loaf of bread, pie, cookie, brownie etc. that has no outlet other than church bake sales or bazzares (nothing wrong with that either)to present their talents. I am here in Galveston trying to put toghether a community kitchen, the kind of kitchen that is lisenced and permitted by the state, county, and city, where members of the community can have kitchen time to prepare there goods, share and preserve heirloom recipies, then have a market at which to sell their goods. Heaven knows with so many of us out of work, trying to make ends meet or just frustrated with the food permit laws concerning Farmers Markets now, I feel this avenue should be explored. After Hurricane Ike, many of us are still out of work (I know things are like that everywhere) but here we are in double trouble. We have no Farmers Market at this time and no permitted kithchen that is up and running that is community minded. If everyone started thinking about doing this, maybe it will catch on and I wont feel like such a loner.

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