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April 28th, 2009
Newstreamz Video Extra – City Beat: League of Women Voters School Board Debate

In this Newstreamz Video Extra, Bill Peterson and Ed Milhalkanin discuss Monday night’s League of Women Voters school board debate. If you’d like to watch the entire debate yourself, stay tuned to Newstreamz for raw video of the entire debate.

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0 thoughts on “Newstreamz Video Extra – City Beat: League of Women Voters School Board Debate

  1. Great comments Ed, but if those parents are the product of the same failed school system, do you expect them to value education? Do they even understand the ins and outs of getting into college, of finacial aid? Perhaps in addition to engaging the older siblings, the school officials and board members could engage the parents. Just saying that we can’t turn things around because the parents aren’t doing their part is a cop-out that has been allowed to stand for far too long.

  2. Ed definitely has some insight as to why our schools are underperforming. Hispanics in our schools are suffering, and not because of poor teachers, but because they are teaching to the test. In doing so, they overlook the educational problems that are more obvious in a more interactive classroom. Teaching to the test is destroying our academic atmosphere. I understand it’s not up to our school board members, however they can set policy that would allow time to teaching TASK and teaching the classroom essential and necessary elements, while identifying problems.

  3. GREAT commentary by Ed Milhalkanin – finally someone who is willing to say “the emperor has no clothes.” Perhaps the school board should invite Mr. Milhalkanin to moderate a “visioning workshop” to help them take off the “rose-colored glasses” and see our community for what it really is – thousands of folks who do not value a quality education in our public schools! I suggest a thorough study of recidivism among local drop-outs as well as teen pregnancy – the results are shocking!

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