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April 27th, 2009
Letter to the Editor: Funds could be put to better use

Dear Editor,

I would like our local citizens to be aware of how $400,000 of the recent “stimulus” appropriations package was spent locally.

Lloyd Doggett was hosted grandly in town on Saturday. He talked about his voting against the TARP Bailout, and his support for HR1207 (which I support) for auditing where the money has gone.

But, when I read on his web site of all of the local funds he is honored to have helped in directing locally, I begin to question how honest our politicians are about looking at where our Federal tax dollars are going.

As an example, $400,000 was earmarked for the Grosvener Geography School at Texas State for a program to teach children how to use the internet, and Google maps, to determine how local watersheds affect their water supply.

To quote from the Congressman’s site:

“Texas State Grosvenor Center
Center for Geographic Education Watershed Project
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666
Amount Requested: $400,000
An adequate water supply is important for many reasons, including maintenance of ecosystem health and economic development. Funding will help resolve problems related to the many watersheds throughout Texas that the Environmental Protection Agency has identified as impaired, threatened or at-risk.”

And, this is not just Lloyd Dogget (D) getting on board here. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R) was happy to say that she also helped with this “earmark” for our local area.

Finally, we should also note that Mr. Doggett was a guest of the University on Saturday to a special Alumni Dinner in honor of the award to the Grosvenor Institute.

Now, when TRILLIONS of dollars are being spent without reading the print, I would assume $400,000 of Federal Debt (we do not have the money to pay for this remember…) is of little concern.

But, when local people are struggling to put food on the table, pay their taxes, and worrying about next months check, $400,000 maybe could have had more impact in other area’s of our economy, rather than funding a few more more chairs at the University.

So, if you questioned why the local citizens stood on the corner waving signs on April 15th, this is one reason why. Our citizens want REAL change in Washington. This kind of award does not help us locally in any way.

Rob Roark
San Marcos Resident

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0 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Funds could be put to better use

  1. Right. Spending money on education and water quality is really a dumb idea.

    Each morning that I wake up I am thankful that McCain and Palin lost so badly. For me, it means there are still people in this country who know HOW to think.

  2. It may surprise you Lila, but this is not about national politics. This is about who $400,000 is helping the most in a time of “economic crisis”.

    Do you not know where your water comes from, and how to take care of our water supply? I can take my children on tours of Aquarena springs, and see the great material already provided for by the University. Is $400,000 going to help more?

    But, Lila, maybe you are not part of the 25% of San Marcos households that make less than $15,000 a year. To you, $400,000 of money borrowed against our childrens’ future paychecks going towards $80,000 + / year salaries is more important. I thought McCain / Palin was supposed to be for the rich folks. Maybe it was your guy instead?

    In no way am I questioning the value or contributions of Texas State University to our economy and our City.

    But, am I “out of line” for questioning whether this money is being wisely spent? I still have not seen a detailed explanation of where this money will go, a clear description of the program, and the length of the program. Perhaps since you are such a better thinker than the rest of us Lila, you can please enlighten the 50% of San Marcos households that make less than $33,000 / year on how this will “trickle down”.

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