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April 23rd, 2009
Economic protests continue in San Marcos

John Jambor protests outside the Post Office. Photo by Sean Wardwell.

Managing Editor

Anti-bailout activists are still letting their frustrations be known, as members of Lyndon LaRoche’s organization protested outside the San Marcos Post Office Wednesday afternoon.

“We need to put the banks through Chapter 11, Just like FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) did,” said local activist John Jambor. “No more bailouts.”

Continued Jambor, “We want to keep the banks open, but no more bailouts.”

The protesters were surrounded by signs calling for the arrest of George Soros, a known contributor to several left-wing causes, as well as signs denouncing the current banking bailout.

“The dollar is about to crash lower than Nancy Pelosi’s popularity level,” quipped LaRouche PAC Organizer Craig Holtzclaw.

The activists spent most of the day outside the post office passing out information.

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