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April 19th, 2009
NCAA certifies Texas State Athletics Department


The NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification announced that Texas State’s Department of Athletics has been certified as operating its athletics program in, “substantial conformity with operating principles adopted by the Division I membership.”

The purpose of certification is to ensure institutional integrity in athletics programs and assist institutions in improving their athletics departments. The certification has been mandatory since 1993 in the NCAA.

“It is gratifying to receive this certification, because it demonstrates that we are operating our program according to the rules, and with the best interests of our student athletes in mind at all times,” said Texas State President Denise Trauth.

Trauth continued, “Our Department of Athletics is making great strides forward, and we believe this is another important measure of our success.”

Texas State conducted a self-study of its athletic department in advance of the NCAA certification. The committee was  chaired by Texas State Associate Vice President Debbie Thorne.

“Our self-study was a through and complete examination of how we conduct our athletic program, and we are pleased that we have achieve this recognition as a result,” Thorne said. “It recognizes the Texas State Department of Athletics for its many outstanding achievements.”

In addition to Thorne, the committee consisted of Jennifer Beck, Debra Boughton, Travis Comer, Donald Coryell, Roel Elizalde, Susan Day, Paul Gowens, Robert Gratz, Preston Grice, Michael Heintze, Lauren Hindson, Christopher Park, Oren Renick, Barbara Sanders, Jayson Santos, Tracy Shoemake and Holly Tipton.

“I want to thank everyone involved in helping us to become certified,” said Texas State Athletics Director Larry Teis. “I want to thank President Trauth, our faculty and staff, the athletic department staff and students who helped us. We are thrilled to be recognized by our peers for operating the athletic department in substantial conformity with NCAA operating principles.”

Texas State was one of 35 Division I schools that have undergone the NCAA’s second round of athletics certification. The second round is being completed on a ten -year cycle, rather than the usual five-year cycle used in the initial certification process. All 326 active Division I members participate in the process.

The process, which involves a self-study led by the institutions president or chancellor, includes a review of governance and commitment to rules compliance, academic integrity, equity, and student athlete well being. The committee reviews the institutions certification materials, and provides a list of issues identified during the evaluation.

The university then allow a visit by peer reviewers, who file a report regarding the institution’s resolution of those issues before a final certification is rendered.

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