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April 9th, 2009
Citizens urged to fill out economic survey


Economic Development San Marcos (EDSM) is partnering with several local entities to deliver a long-term strategic community and economic development plan for the Greater San Marcos Area.

“Our desire is to create a strong stakeholder partnership for economic development,” said San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz. “One that will work together to develop long-term strategies to help our community grow and prosper.”

Continued Narvaiz, “With this great partnership, we have exceeded our expectations.”

Partners for Progress contributed funding earlier this year to work with the City of San Marcos and hire Market Street Services, Inc., a community and economic development consulting firm, based in Atlanta, GA.

Partners for Progress is a regional group that includes the City of San Marcos, EDSM, The San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce (SMACC), Hays and Caldwell Counties, the City of Luling, Texas State, Prime Outlets, Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC), San Marcos CISD and Gary Job Corps.

The firm recently conducted a series of focus groups and individual interviews with more than 150 local business, government, education and civic leaders.

Residents who reside in the Greater San Marcos area can also provide feedback through an online survey. The link to the survey is in the upper left-hand corner of the site.

“Virtually every community across the country is facing a challenging economy,” said Market Street CEO Mac Holladay. “However, today’s uncertainly should not prevent local economic developers from planning for the future.”

Continued Holladay, “The timing of this process is essential for Greater San Marcos to build its capacity to move its economy forward.”

The results of the survey, combined with demographic and market data, competitive assessment findings, a target business analysis and a workforce assessment, will be used to develop San Marcos’ first comprehensive economic development plan.

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0 thoughts on “Citizens urged to fill out economic survey

  1. Instead of an additional $4 million unnecessarily given to the latest retail development, how about job diversification and expansion, such as the Scooter Store and their 500 new jobs. Too bad for San Marcos that they decided in favor of New Braunfels because those minimum $20 per hour jobs, with a commitment for 7 year retention, sure looks better than simply bringing more retail to our community. I will do the survey, I hope many of us fill it out, but the big hope is that those in power will listen, respond and provide true leadership for future economic diversity and growth, more and different than simply more retail.

  2. The thing is, you can not force a company to come here. The Scooter Store decided to stay in NB which was probably a good business decision. I have spoken to the EDSM director and I do believe they did everything they could to get them to come here. Look at it this way, at least they did not move to BFE like they were considering. San Marcos citizens can still get jobs there. You do not have to be a NB citizen to work for them as far as I know.

  3. The April 9th Herald-Zeitung article says, “By accepting the $3.85 million in incentives offered by the 4B Board, the company agrees to hire half of the 500 new employees from either Comal or Guadalupe counties.” So, yes, it is true, residents of the San Marcos area could commute to NB for these jobs. And, it does help (economic development) to think from a cooperative coordinated regional perspective. There are a lot of things companies look at before deciding to move to (or stay at and significantly expand in) a community. Continued actions by city leadership tell us we still have a disproportionate focus on further retail expansion. It would be great to see improved transparency in city government, and to see -all- deals and potential deals run through (not around) EDSM (Economic Development San Marcos).

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