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April 8th, 2009
CONA Corner: Touching base with new media

Council of Neighborhood Associations President

I can’t believe how cold it was last night!

An email was sent out about our next meeting in May. Only one person has responded. For our last meeting, I thought we would have time for people to bring up issues that pertain to their particular neighborhood. But, we had a long discussion about the new recycling program, and another long discussion about extending the bar hours. Both discussions were productive, but then our time was up.

For our next meeting we could have a discussion about neighborhood issues, or we could have our computer workshop. Or we could do something else.

Sometime soon, I hope for us to have the computer workshop on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) The workshop will be at St. Mark’s, and can be any Thursday. It doesn’t have to be the first Thursday.

I still read newspapers, and I have seen two articles in the last two days about how businesses are using these forms of media, so I think this workshop could be really helpful to us. Our family members, especially the folks under 20, are using this media. So, you could keep in closer touch with your grandkids if you master this media.

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