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April 7th, 2009
Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Westover cleanup help

To the editor:

The Westover Neighborhood Association held its sixth Neighborhood Clean-up on April 5. As usual, it was a great success! With the help of City of San Marcos employees, the usual seasoned volunteers and some great first-time volunteers, we filled 5 dumpsters with every imaginable type of trash. We recycled about 60 tires and over three loads of scrap metal with Green Guy. Two truck loads of yard waste was chipped and recycled as well.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities this year, although a run-away mattress almost took out a couple of kids. For there first time in 10 years of Westover Clean-ups, no snake sightings were reported, but a small lizard and a couple of skinks were saved from a grim existence in the landfill. Everyone went home with a nice “door prize” consisting of the rescued junk of their choice. The best rescued junk went to Tom Roach, who is now the proud owner of a 5 foot tall purple iron out-take pipe from a ship, just like the one on the album cover of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.

Chris and Cathy would like to thank everyone who helped, including Tom Roach, Joe Schnieder, Nidia Quintinella and Hayley North from the Neighborhood, and James Maikoetter, Nick Alexander (and son), Charles Schlegel, John Laughlen, David Whitfield and Robert Piper, who are all with the City of San Marcos.

Former Parks Director Rodney Cobb, whose new job title is Director of Everything, was also on hand to lend support and wisdom. Madeline North helped her mom deliver 200 flyers to our residents, which were provided by Nick Alexander.

These events are a great public service provided by the City of San Marcos. Not only do these clean-ups purge the neighborhood of a whole lot of trash, they provide a chance for neighbors to meet neighbors and for City staff to interact with the good folks they serve. Our sincere thanks again to all for giving up their Saturday to give Westover a make-over!

Westover Neighborhood Representatives,

Chris North and Catherine Glessener

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