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April 7th, 2009
BREAKING NEWS: County votes down KBR contract


The Hays County Commissioners Court voted to cancel its contract with Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) during its April 7 meeting.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Debbie Ingalsbe (D-San Marcos) brought forth the motion, which was approved unanimously by the rest of the court. KBR was being considered to work on the FM 110 project.

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0 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: County votes down KBR contract

  1. To all Commissioners, especially to Commissioner Ingalsbe for her prudent stewardship of our county.

  2. Thank you to the citizens and soldiers for speaking out and to Hays County for listening. Now if federal and state elected officials will just follow Hays County’s lead………….

  3. Mr. Taft, now that I know our county is righteous, my prayers are aimed at the federal and state officials!

  4. Somehow I feel a tad better that our elected officials are not only proactive listeners but also proactive doers!

  5. I am having a little trouble deciding on whom to support for school board, does anyone have a clue?

  6. I would vote for a candidate who understands important issues in education based on data from the district. I would not vote on someone who is running because they have some type of “beef” with the school system.

  7. KBR is responsible for the death of military person and they tarnish the engineering profession.
    Also, the company’s Houston offcie is dominated by Indians and they discriminate too much against other engineers from other races. They speak their Gujarti and local languages. I have never seen that in any other company in the US. Thus this company should be moved to Bombay or New Delhi.

  8. Glad you asked, kinda, my pilot/guide wanted triple our email handshake price (I guess that’s how they do that out in the wild?) NO! This guy flies into creases in mountain cracks for next to nothing but NOW he wants triple the price, I said NO!
    And he was quite RUDE to me by emphatically spelling it out that the dollar was taken soon to be taken off the gold standard then your dollars are worthless.

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