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April 5th, 2009
Hays County workshop focuses on land donation


The Hays County Commissioners Court held a special called meeting on April 2, for a workshop with the Hays County Parks and Open Space Advisory Board (formerly CPAT), and the county’s open space consultant.

The purpose of the workshop was to better define priorities, some of which are already established, for the acquisition of open space and natural habitat land with limited county funds. One of the suggested methods was making it easier for landowners to donate or sell land to Hays County.

The workshop aided in the ongoing process of defining priorities to help landlords determine if a property is eligible and desired for purchase by the county.

“We’ve got a better understanding of some of the choices we can make in implementing criteria,” said Hays County Grants Administrator Jeff Hauff, “and are beginning to look at different processes we can put in place to help landowners make a decision to offer their land, while making it more affordable to the county.”

Hauff continued, “The parks board is interested in using the in-development Greenprint mapping model, which covers all of Hays County, to look at land that meets as many of the criteria as possible, and we’re discussing a process that will reach as many property owners as possible who are interested in the program.”

Current priorities in the county’s parks and open space plan are public access to waterways, preserving water quality and quantity, conserving wildlife habitat and increasing passive recreation opportunities, such as hiking and bird watching.

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