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April 1st, 2009
More to be done on city animal ordinance

Dog and cat microchipping are off the table, but a new animal control ordinance in San Marcos still has to deal with residential fowl and other matters.

Associate Editor

The San Marcos City Council gave approval for the new animal control ordinance Tuesday night, but with modifications.

Certain aspects of the ordinance, which went into effect Wednesday, will be returned to the animal shelter advisory board for further contemplation.

The mandate of microchipping pet dogs and cats has been stricken from the ordinance and it is expected the advisory board will produce a new recommendation making it voluntary. The advisory board will also take on issues governing hens and roosters, as well as the prohibition of selling or giving away animals on public or private property and parking lots.

As the ordinance was initially proposed, livestock and fowl were prohibited in residences within 100 feet of another homestead, excluding pastures of more than an acre. Residents notified the council of concerns regarding sustainability, which prompted further consideration.

In the original legislation, everyone was banned from giving or selling animals on public or private property, including parking lots. Rescue groups voiced disapproval with the stipulation. The advisory board will consider the matter before bringing new recommendations to council.

In other developments, City Manager Rick Menchaca provided council with an update on the extension of bar hours until 2 a.m. Menchaca said the committee tasked with providing council with recommendation on the extension is still collecting information. Chief in the investigation are issues including the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC), transportation, 12-hour shifts for law enforcement officers, and pedestrian improvements such as sidewalks and lighting.

Menchaca, Councilmembers John Thomaides and Chris Jones, city staff and several business owners make up the committee charged with providing council recommendations on the extension of hours from midnight to 2 a.m. The committee is scheduled to meet on April 10, where it will discuss setting up a public hearing date. Jones said he will push for a timeline that would provide more accurate information.

San Marcos citizens approved the non-binding referendum on the extension of on premise alcohol sale with more than 70 percent of the vote in the November 2008 election.

The council also made seven appointments to the Veterans’ Affairs Advisory Committee. Council named Richard Cruz, Lee Davis, Pat Murdock, Clay Patterson, Kathy Martinez-Prather, Tom Tvirdk, and Dan West as the members of the advisory committee.

The tasks of the committee include:

* Ensuring that traditions honoring veterans are perpetuated,
* Advising the city about policies and legislation of interest to veterans on the local, state and national level,
* Serving as a network for the exchange of information on veterans activities,
* Discussing local issues affecting veterans, and
* Making recommendations on improvements to the Hays County Veterans Memorial.

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0 thoughts on “More to be done on city animal ordinance

  1. Want to show your kids some farm animals? Come to Westover! The north end(Clyde)looks like a petting zoo.

  2. Although Im all for allowing residents to have hens, there should definitely be a limit. And roosters should not be allowed. I understand the sustainability argument, but we cant have our neighborhoods look like petting zoos. There is also a concern, for me at least, with the hens’ escrement. It’s just very messy, hard to clean, and just overall trashy and perhaps health concerning.

  3. It was also good to read that the non binding referendum on alcohol sale extension is indeed getting consideration. I havent really heard much about it, and I think this is the first time city council takes it on the agenda since it passed with an overwhelming percentage of the vote. 70% I think is a clear indication that our community is ready to come into the 21st century and take advantage of all the revenue that is to be made.
    I also hope the veterans advisory board will take their job seriously and actually help our returning soldiers. I trust they’ll do a good job, just by a few of the appointments.

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