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March 27th, 2009
Former DA candidate arrested for child sexual assualt

Managing Editor

Hays County sheriff’s deputies arrested C. Paul Velte IV, former Republican candidate for Hays County District Attorney, for sexual assault of a child.

Jerry Hendrix, Communications Director for the City of Kyle, confirmed that Velte had turned himself in to the Hays County Sheriff’s Office, and that the Kyle Police Department is taking the lead on the investigation. No other details are available at this time.

Velte ran in the 2006 Republican primary, but lost the nomination to Wesley Mau, who later lost the general election to Democrat Sherri Tibbe.

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0 thoughts on “Former DA candidate arrested for child sexual assualt

  1. not the first time political activism or commentary has earned the attention of Law Enforcement in Hays County. I bet the same folks jumping to convict in commentary will be running to avoid jury duty…

  2. Whether C. Paul or Paul Christian as he signed a letter to Newstreamz Feb. 13, 2008, he certainly deserves the presumption of innocence. Problems of abuse and false allegations are both hurtful. The best we can do is leave it up to a jury and pray for the victims.

  3. Folks, what does really matter when we go out and spend $58.2 million dollars on Monsters VS Aliens? Perhaps most folks know subconsciously the terrible financial tumble we are about to take and they just don’t to hear it!

  4. Wow…way to be off topic Angel. This is about a kid possibly getting violated, not money. One is a bit more shocking than the other.

  5. ???? in even the worst financial times, or in the midst of boomtown spending for that matter, child abuse is child abuse and false accusations are false accusation. the issue here is if we are going to leave passing judgement to the people responsible enough to make time in their busy lives to sit on a jury. if that jury finds paul velte not guilty and we are big enough to allow him back into politics, i’m sure angel may find paul an ally in the cause to warn of our financial downfall….funny thing is that at this moment democrats and neo-con republicans are both happy as can be about the same series of unfortunate events…go figure

  6. Angel, is this a rhetorical question? If not then I can tell you what most people will do, hide their heads in the sand!

  7. Mr. Doe, would you be familiar with Reverse Onus? If not, it’s the latest rage and spreading all over the globe as we speak.

  8. Angel, it is my humble opinion that perhaps we should move on away from posting on-line, just a thought.

  9. What’s wrong with public discourse Ray? I bought into the whole dream because we as a nation promised to let us collectively be FREE!

  10. Splendidly said my lad, yet something be rotten in Denmark. My grandchildren actually clued me in when they were watching an old re-run animation of ‘Chicken Little.’ “The Sky Is Falling?!” Out of the mouths of babes?

  11. Angel, I find your parody quite distasteful, first of all, I am a widower with no children and I am speechless at your attempt to make me feel guilty because I do not champion your Andrew Jackson calve-lair bravado.

  12. All of you arrogent people including Brett Stahl dont know what has really happend so therefore keep your mouths shut

  13. doesn’t matter,
    as in post on other sites, i stand by my beliefs in the matter with my true name whereas you post under the moniker “doesn’t matter.” luckily in court you will not be able to testify as “doesn’t matter,” which of course you must if you really have damning evidence.
    i just don’t respecr unsigned statements.

  14. Is it reelection time for DA already? Time flies.

    I’ve know Paul Velte for more than 20 years. He is a fine family man of high moral character, and there are not alot of lawyers that I would say that about. We are lucky to have he & his family as part of our community. I’m sorry for their current troubles. May everything work out for the best.

  15. again as i said in the other artical, i know ******, i dont have any evidence at all but i know paul and you should never doubt what she is saying unless he is proven innocent ok.i know on several occasions he has emotionally abused her.

  16. im just saying i trully dont believe she is lying. and as for the name, lets just say i know you brett and you dont need to know my name. im just standing up for the girl when no one else will.

  17. next time don’t give out the name of minors involved in assault cases if you really care about them….just going to repeat…if you are unwilling to put your name on statements why should anyone give them any weight. if you are insinuating that you are not giving out your name because you know and or fear me that is a cop out. non violent, always have been. maybe you are afraid i will camp out and do a hunger strike or someting….if the truth plays out against paul i will disown him in a heartbeat….but if you turn out to be wrong you get to disolve into hypocracy anonymously….pretty easy huh…

  18. to all who have participated in this discussion without the shield of aliases i salute you, to all who choose to cast stones from behind cover, there is no need for me to continue tilting with ghost. hopefully if anyone out there has real evidence beyond heresay and innuendo which can shine through to the truth here they will possess more intestinal fortitude than the nameless participants and come forward by name to balance the scales of justice

  19. ok i guess you know by now that its me cody black,lol i know you just love to debate about things but on this subject it isnt fun n games ok.this is a sick and twisted crime that he is bein accused of. if you want to argue with me about not putting my real name do it ont he phone but this is about a girls life .

  20. to all involved i apologize, cody is my 15 yr old stepson and he did not know to keep her name out of it. hope he doesn’t get any ideas on how to get rid of unwanted step parents…

  21. i truly am sorry. i feel so bad for this and i will stay out of it. i just hope it wont effect me in the future

  22. There is nothing wrong with standing up for what you feel is right. Posting the victim’s name was a mistake, but it has been corrected and obviously you did not do it with the intent to harm her.

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