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March 27th, 2009
Former DA candidate charged with sex assault

Managing Editor

Former District Attorney candidate Paul C. Velte IV turned himself into the Hays County jail today on a sexual assault of a child warrant.

According to the affidavit used to obtain an arrest warrant, Velte’s 13-year-old stepdaughter told staff at Roxanne’s House, a childrens’ shelter in San Marcos, that she was sexually assaulted by Velte when she was nine or 10, a story she repeated to investigators from the Kyle Police department.

She told investigators that when she went to kiss him good night, he held her down and started kissing her on the mouth, stopping when they heard the victim’s mother come home. Later that night, he called her to the family room of their house on Whispering Hollow Drive in Kyle, got on top of her and began assaulting her.

Velte did not immediately return a message left on his cell phone.

Sgt. Jacob Luria confirmed the arrest but declined to discuss the case. Velte was released on a $60,000 bond set by Justice of the Peace Joanne Prado, jail officials said.

In 2006, Velte ran in the Republican Party primary against Wes Mau, who was then first assistant district attorney. He won 47.27 percent of the vote. Mau went on to lose to Democrat Sherri Tibbe by a razor-thin margin.


CORRECTION: The article originally referred to Velte as C. Paul Velte IV. His name is Paul C. Velte IV.

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28 thoughts on “Former DA candidate charged with sex assault

  1. Sandra, that’s like saying George Bush reflects on all Texans or Hitler reflects on all Germans. Let this case air out before we start attacking completely unrelated people. But it is safe to say that regardless of anything Velte’s political career is definately over.

  2. Sandra D, is it safe to assume that that politicians you support are from the All that is Good and Holy party?

  3. South Austin, Roxanne’s House is part of the Hays/Caldwell Women’s Center. Her being there doesn’t necessarily mean she was living there, I don’t guess. I think maybe state and local law enforcement agencies use the facility to interview children thought to be in danger of sexual abuse.

    Lorne, Every mistake is embarassing as far as I concern. In this case, it was interesting to see what other news outlets were poaching my reporting when they used the same incorrect name.

    Sandra, Lord knows I am not a Ron Pauler but that’s clearly not a fair characterization.

  4. Sandra, Brillant analysis.
    Dems and sex dont equate I guess. Clinton/Edwards/Cisneros.
    truly smart statement.

  5. Brad you are right. Roxanns house is where children are interviewed in abuse and neglect cases. Children do not stay there.

  6. is it just me, or do these articles become more detailed with every printing….first assault, then “rape”, then a play by play on the details….if you care about the 13 year old shut up….if you care about justice than shut up and wait for the trial. i know this family, and i’ve known paul for over 15 yers. i would trust him keep my dughters, and i cannot say the same for the step daughter…just my experience.

  7. Had I a child, I could be next. This is what I’ve come to know about the Child protective Services doing business in Texas. Upon any child’s false and vidictive accusation, I will be arrested, charged and tried. My attorney fees will financially crush me, the CPS agency will separate my family and my name will be smeared over every available public forum, in the name of justice, of course.

    Oh yes, we all know that children never lie or use their “angelic” status as a manipulative tool for retribution against those who would dare discipline or defy them. We all know that when unwillingly forced to clean their room or honor their obligations at home they never scream, “I wish you would die,” “I’m going to kill you,” or “You’ll be sorry,” That is how they childishly handle others of their same age.

    What I’ve read here is the “victim” is now thirteen years old and is alleging her assault took place three to four years ago. Now, after all this time she is raising this “fact.” As a female, I well remember my teenage years. I wanted things my way. Yet looking back, I’m glad my parents did not allow “my way” to occur. Now, reading this and remembering the occasional fury of my childish days, I can only wonder at what the temptation for any chiold must be in knowing that he or she can immediately tear an “opponent” into pieces and effectively destroy them, using only their imagination and anger.

    Of course, this never happens, because as our society has evolved, we have made a practice of never disciplining anyone for bad behavior. Call it woman’s intution, but to me it sounds like this young girl has created her own “government bailout” -only at the immediate cost of someone else.

  8. Do you know either one of these people? Do you have any personal experience or history with this family? Why do you say the girl is a liar? Why did all the children that were molested and abused by Priests wait so long to confront their abusers?

  9. The writer of this story stated:

    “Velte did not immediately return a message left on his cell phone.”

    What does that statement attempt to prove? The accused didn’t IMMEDIATELY return a call to this “virtual journalist” ?

    We got the message: Bad man, this person who was arrested and accused. This “journalist” brought his knives to the table and got right to it. But c’mon, how tough is it to attack someone who presently has no ability to defend himself? The only facts properly before us are:
    Velte recently ran for the district attorney’s office, lost by a bare margin and stated he would run again.
    And there just may be some folks in the media who intend on voting for his opponent.

    You also have to admire the “journalistic discretion” of Mr. Brad Rollins, this story’s author. He shovels the contents of the arrest affidavit with the finesse of a knee-deep stable hand. Yes, Mr. Rollins, -the publics’ “right to know.” Know what? What truth based upon what proven facts? That Mr. Velte would not IMMEDIATELY return your phone calls? Thank you Mr. Rollins, it is reassuring to know your contributions against injustice and innuendo are directly affected by your need for sensationalism and sales.

  10. Travis, the purpose is to note that an attempt was made to reach Velte before the story was published but that his not being “immediately” available isn’t an indication that he is dodging the inquiry. I’ve known Velte for years and have always had a good working relationship with him. This is indicated by the fact that he called me on Saturday to discuss the situation at a time when he wasn’t talking to anyone as best I can tell. I immediately printed a followup story and distributed it through the same means that the earlier story was published.

  11. You people dont know this girl, i do and i believe every word of it . so wait for the trial and i just hope it doesnt effect the other siblings. But its too late for that now

  12. Thank you from the soul of my heart, to those that truly know my husband and his character. I am the mother of this rebellious child , and wife of this wonderful, strong, family man, father, and husband. A man who has NOT ONCE deceived or manipulated me or anyone else. The TRUE perp is still being rewarded. She has defied mom and dad, she has freed herself from their home, she has free access to many priveledges she lost in our home due to her lying and deceptive behavior. Thank you for your concerns, now please find something else to do.

    Jessica Velte

    P.S. South Austin: Billy Carroll was a CASA appointee. The government chose to trust him, not the ‘people’.

  13. Dear Editor Rollins:

    Well, here we all are. All of us balanced non-judgemental persons who just so happen to have our own perspective on Mr. Velte’s guilt or innocence. And what better place to poison any perspective juror in Hays County by printing the contents of the arrest affidavit on line.

    I lay this at your feet, you who on one hand invokes those who post here to: “Be nice. Keep it clean. Stay on topic.” Yet on the other, prints the unproven contents of an arrest warrant which satisfies the cravings of those lacking a venue for any other form of emotional stimulation, ie: the sole testimony of one thirteen year old girl who very well may have an ulterior motive for having made these allegations. Who is to say? The Courts. And prior to that, as the physicians say: Do no harm.

    But far be it from this media in pursuing a prudently decent course in dealing with a man who seemingly has no prior history of any such behavior beyond the description which this journal has now assigned him.

    Yes I know the man, professionally and personally, and in whose character and consistency I am well pleased. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could say something as prejudicially beneficial for the man as you have accomplished by repeating the unproven opposite.

    Oh, and as for your caveat of ‘be nice and keep it clean;’ I can see these words have no rule of law in the order of things, when you can still allow someone as your first commentator above, “SandraD” to summarily jump upon your story with her own finishing blow to the throat of one defenseless Mr. Velte.
    John Rockefeller had an expression for it: “I would ruin you in court, but it takes too long.”

    I cannot see what or how you are now led to believe you’ve no longer any honor or good faith owed this helpless person. Were I you, and always seeking to learn and act toward my own improvement, I would immediately turn from this place you have now created, remove these stories and commentaries, and allow this man the relative peace of living within the horror of his coming trial at law.

    I have faith in your ability for recognizing the once greatness of our nation. Please, support my belief in your ability to now act, as well.


  14. to doesn’t matter,
    what i believe doesn’t matter is any testimony toward the integrity of an individual without the backing of one’s real name. stand by it completely with you true name, or disregard it completely.
    brett stahl

  15. To dosent matter-
    Thank you for the positive comment on behave of the the young girl- the girl that just everyone including her mother has made out to be a monster. Yes there are TWO sides to every story.

    To Jessica Velte-
    Your comments sound more like they were written by Mr.Velte

  16. so south austin can’t seem to believe that there could be any chance that Mrs. Velte, an adult and the mother of the accuser, could have a valid opinion of here own daughter. i guess her husband must be controling her by remote control, as the state has seperated mr. velte from his family, and i’m sure mrs. velte can’t be finding too many volunteers to step into CPS crosshairs and give her a break to go see her husband. once again i ask, why are all these folks ashamed to put their legal names to their opinions? if they stand by their opinions so firmly and support the victim so squarely, than why all the secrecy?

  17. you wanna know my real name but its not important . lets just say i know ——–, or —— , her real name very personally and to mrs velte i know that if wat your daughter said is true and you dont believe her then you are just as guilty as paul. the things ive heard were sick and twisted. ive met paul and i personally dont like him. and of course all the adults are gonna doubt it and stay on pauls side. all youve mad your daughter out to be is a lying, troubled child. and she is so much more if you would just listen to her.

  18. and why in the world would you doubt this girl.i know for a fact that paul had abused her emotionally and physically on several occasions.not actually hitting but pretty close to not goin into detail for the record. soo please dont doubt this girl until he atleast is proven innocent. but i hope justice will be served

  19. physically abused here without touching here….hmmmm. why do you single out adults? is it because you are a child? only posting after schol is out i guess. but we will never know because you are a coward behind a fake name. speaking of names, most adults know better than to divulge the names of minors involved in abuse case..maybe the folks here will redact that info…

  20. yes im in school, its me cody black. i shouldve known not to say her name and i apologize. but you dont sound interested in the girl, just arguing with me about my name so go debate about something less sick and twisted than this ok.

  21. Would you quit trying this man in these comments and leave that to the court system. We simply don’t know what happened here. Paul Velte will no doubt get very good legal council. A special prosecutor will be brought with equal credentials. Both this girl and Paul will have their day in Court. If any of you do have any special knowledge, keep it to you self. This should not be tried in the press, and this is the closest thing we have to a press.

  22. I do believe Paul and his stepdaughter will both have their day in court. I wish all parties the best and pray for a quick trial with a decision made by all the true facts in this case.

  23. after reading all comments it shows that everyone had their own opinion which is awsome. I to know this family or aleast the mother and the child and i belive the child for the simple fact i know her. Yes she may be some what troubled in her own little teenage way but not enough to make such a lie. And the mother how can she live with her self for not defending her child. She to has been through almost the samething and she wants to defend that man.

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