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March 18th, 2009
Single stream recycling to begin in April


San Marcos residents will begin swapping out their 18-gallon recycling bins for 96-gallon carts between March 23 and April 3 as the city prepares for single stream recycling.

The new recycling system will allow residential solid waste customers to put all their recyclables, unsorted, into a large cart with a tan lid provided by Texas Disposal Systems (TDS).

TDS will pick up the old bins and deliver the new carts during the next two weeks. Residents are asked to put the 18-gallon bin at the curb on their collection day after March 23.

Beginning the weeks of April 6 and April 13, TDS will begin single stream recycling on the same day as residential trash pickup, collecting recyclables every other week. The first recycling collection for residents will fall on these dates:

* Monday: April 6
* Tuesday: April 14
* Wednesday: April 8
* Thursday: April 16
* Friday: April 10

Recycling pick up will then happen every other week on the customer’s trash collection day. Customers will receive fliers with the dates and recycling information when they receive their recycling carts.

An expanded list of recycled materials will be accepted, including:

·         Paper: Newspaper, office paper (plain or color paper, envelopes, stationary, sticky notes), junk mail (inserts, magazines, catalogs, and ad circulars, etc.), box board (food box packaging like cereal boxes – flatten to conserve space) and  corrugated cardboard (flatten to conserve space).

·         Aluminum and Tin: food cans (labels ok) and soda cans.

·         Rigid Plastics: jugs and bottles with recycle symbol #1-5 and 7, round tubs such as yogurt and butter tubs with symbol 1-5 and 7, small plastic food packaging such as fruit cups and baby food containers.

·         Glass: bottles or jars, any color glass (rinsed and dry).

Items that will not be accepted include disposable plastic bags, ovenable meat trays, styrofoam in any form (take out containers, egg cartons, packaging), pizza boxes or broken glass.

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0 thoughts on “Single stream recycling to begin in April

  1. This is a great step forward for the San Marcos community. Thank you very much to everybody involved in bringing enhanced recycling to San Marcos. While this particular step is specifically for residential customers, if enough additional people express (to our city leaders) the desire for enhanced recycling, then single stream recycling can be brought to multi-family and businesses in our community, too.

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