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March 10th, 2009
Jacobs Well area to hold incorporation vote

Jacob’s Well could be the inspiration for a newly-incorporated town after the May 9 election.


Citizens in the Woodcreek North subdivision are trying for a third time to incorporate as a free-standing municipality to be called the Village of Jacob’s Well.

The matter will go before voters in the area in the May 9 election.

The area, which lies northwest of Wimberley and west of Woodcreek, sought to incorporate in 1999, when Wimberley became its own city. That bid failed. Incorporation was again attempted in 2002, only to fail again.

The area under consideration for incorporation has 800 homes with approximately 2,000 residents. The area includes Jacobs Well Elementary School in the Wimberley ISD.

Bill Bradfield of the Committee for Jacobs Well addressed the Hays County Commissioners Court Tuesday to talk about some of the issues the new village might face if incorporated.  Specifically, Bradfield is seeking advice about how to proceed if incorporation were to occur without a concurrent election for a mayor and city council. In that case, the village would have a municipality without a municipal government until it could call an election.

Bradfield asked the court to consult with the Texas Attorney General for advice concerning that scenario.

The ballot language reads, “Incorporation of the Village of Jacobs Well as a Type A general law municipality commissioned form of government – For/Against.”

Hays County Elections Administrator Joyce Cowan said approval by the commissioners court is not needed to hold an election for incorporation.

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0 thoughts on “Jacobs Well area to hold incorporation vote

  1. So, my biggest question is if they succeed are they going to hijack control of the brand new school we have just recently approved? i.e. would the new facility be unavailable to wimberley ISD students?

  2. Donovan,

    An ISD is an entirely different jurisdiction and a city doesn’t have control over an ISD. The ISD board guides the Superintendent, and the ISD voters elect the board members.

    If you live in a school district your kids go to its schools.

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