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March 9th, 2009
Back from Iraq, Prather says he’s running again for city council seat

Managing Editor

In town this week on leave from his deployment in Iraq, Jude Prather said he will announce today that he plans to seek a seat on the city council in November.

Prather, 26, said he will return to the themes of his unsuccessful 2007 bid including serving as an arbitrator on town-and-gown issues, improving infrastructure, protecting natural resources and diversifying the local economy. In addition, he said, he will push for creating programs to encourage returning military veterans to settle in San Marcos.

“After conceding defeat in the 2007 city council election, I knew then that my desire to serve San Marcos still burned,” Prather said in a written statement. “Through adversity and this journey I have become a stronger and determined public servant.”

In his previous bid, Prather received 1,303 votes to incumbent Gaylord Bose’s 1,306. He conceded the loss after a recount did not change the results.

Prather said he would seek the place 5 seat currently held by council member Pam Couch, who has not announced whether she will seek a second term.

Texas State University academic advisor and community activist Lisa Marie Coppoletta, who recently marshaled considerable opposition to mandatory micro-chipping of pets, has also said she will run for place 5. Coppoletta received 4,925 votes, or 44.4 percent, in her challenge last year of council member Chris Jones, who garnered 6,168 votes, or 55.6 percent.

Prather lives in San Marcos with his wife, Kathy Martinez-Prather, an analyst at Texas State’s Center for Safe Communities and Schools. His tour is scheduled to end in July.

DISCLOSURE: Prather is a friend and I advised his 2007 city council race.


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14 thoughts on “Back from Iraq, Prather says he’s running again for city council seat

  1. This should be fun to watch, especially if Couch runs again too. Three-way races are always unpredictable and there would be three pretty competitive candidates.

  2. Lies and Deceit! Prather has said he is not seeking a specific council seat just yet. Prather said he never mentioned running for Place 5. Irresponsible “journalism” once again.

  3. In all honesty, I like Jude a lot. I think he’s a great honest guy, but I think he should hold off for a year to run for council. You cant just be fighting a war and then immediately jump into city politics. It comes off as more of political gain/ambition than actually wanting to do something positive for the community. I think a year actively working with the city and citizens on issues of interest would suit him best, before just jumping into the political race. Anyway, I just have to once again say that it’s a huge unethical leap to say someone is running for a specific seat, when the candidate himself is telling everyone that he never mentioned such a thing.

  4. He did in fact say Place 5 and we had a somewhat detailed interview about that seat so I am confident I am not mistaken.

  5. To say that Mr. Prather running this fall would look like he is doing so for political gain and ambition is ridiculous! How many excuses are we going to throw at this guy as to why he should not run. I remember his first go around was because people said he was inexperienced and now because he is running so quickly after he comes home from his deployment? Is that all people got? PLEASE!

    I believe Mr. Prather is very aware of community issues going on in San Marcos. I even remember him being involved as far back as his first year as a student living here. This is someone who can really serve our town well. We need someone who wants to make a difference now. Who cares if he is just coming home from his deployment. He was ready in 2007 and he is ready now!

  6. You probably would have won last time Jude if it wasen’t for your classless and shameful campaign. I know the fliers you left at my house lost your vote from me. Slander just makes you look desperate. This isn’t grade school. We don’t need that garbage in San Marcos and certainly don’t need a fly by night looking to start a Political Career at the expense of a community.

  7. NEWSTREAMZ talked to Jude Prather last night and he said that the San Marcos Mercury News MISREPORTED and that he has yet to decide which place to run fro!

  8. Not wanting to respond to this issue based on third-hand information, I don’t know what to tell you Angel except that when I spoke to him on Sunday it was definitely in regard to the Place 5 seat. Maybe he’s changed his mind?

  9. It was a great time being home in San Marcos with my wife Kathy and all my family and friends. My RR is over now and I am back in the “land of sand.” I look forward to coming home again and serving the citizens and veterans of our wonderful town in any capacity. Thank you everyone I miss all of yawl and I will see you in the fall. If you want to reach me with concerns, issues or ideas please do so by email you can reach me at God Bless.

    P.S. I am eyeing City Council Seat 5

  10. David on March 15, 2009 7:49 am

    Mr, Prather, two stories appeared about your candidacy on the same day, and less than one hour apart. Newstreamz quoted you as not having made up your mind for which place to run for, then San Marcos Mercury News quotes you as stating that you plan to run for place 5. And now in this response you say that you are “EYEING” place 5. Mr. Prather, you appear a tad confused! You do know? That a lot of spent nuclear fuel was placed in the missiles used to destroy Iraq and the place is still radioactive and poisoning all who come in contact with it.

  11. I am a recalled soldier who is serving with Jude. Trust me, public service is in this guys blood. He helped us write a letter campaign to congress and registered our fellow soldiers to vote. The guy really cares about people around him and is a born leader! SPC Troy Yocum 100/442 INFANTRY, Camp Virginia, Kuwait

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