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February 26th, 2009
Newstreamz Video Extra – City Beat

Andy Sevilla and Bill Peterson of Newstreamz discuss the upcoming San Marcos City Council meeting.

For more about the March 3 San Marcos council meeting, read the Newstreamz accounts on the pet control ordinance and a re-zoning proposal saved by a technicality.

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0 thoughts on “Newstreamz Video Extra – City Beat

  1. I really enjoy this form of news service. You are doing a wonderful job of presenting local news and citizen concerns. I think there is a bright future ahead for this service.

  2. I can only echo what Peggy said. This was useful for newstreamz users. Not only does this site provide a story of upcoming city council matters, but now provides a video heads up. I like it a lot, very useful. San Marcos needs a news source that is interested in informing citizens of what is to come up for discussion before the city government, and I feel Newstreamz is invested in providing that service. Through video and articles. Kudos.
    Some council members may have found a new “enemy,” but hey, you have to keep them honest and transparent.

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