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February 12th, 2009
Rose retains committee chair


The Texas House of Representatives has announced that local Rep. Patrick Rose (D-Dripping Springs) has been named as the Chair of the House Human Services Committee for the 81st legislative, which is on-going in Austin.

Entering his fourth term as a state legislator, Rose retains the chair to which he was first named for the last legislative session in 2007, even though the Speaker of the House from that session, Rep. Tom Craddick (R-Midland) has been replaced in that role by Rep. Joe Strauss (R-San Antonio).

The Human Services Committee has jurisdiction over matters pertaining to welfare, rehabilitation, and mental retardation. It also assumes legislative oversight for the Health and Human Services Commission, the Department of Aging & Disability Services, the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, the Department of Family & Protective Services and the Board of Social Worker Examiners, among others.

Rose was also named as the Vice-Chair of the House Administration Committee and remains on the House Higher Education Committee.

Rose’s district covers Hays, Caldwell and Blanco Counties.

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  1. I would like to know is the Home and Community Services funds are going to be released soon in order to allow those individuals with disabilities to live in their communities and have funds to do so. Our son has lived with us now for three years and we are paying alot to have him with us but are so relieved to know his is safe and well cared for and is able to be a part of our church community and to engage in many activities in our community in Fredericksburg Texas. Please let us know if this concern or issue is on the agenda of the Human Services Committee and when will it be discussed. Pat Evans

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