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February 9th, 2009
Televisory: TPW presentation on Texas water resources

Scene Editor 

San Marcos has more than a small thirst for the conservation of water in Texas, because the city is in a unique and special position in Texas when it comes to water resources, conservation and management.

But that’s not only because San Marcos is at the beautiful springs that are the headwaters of the San Marcos River.

For example, Texas State University’s graduate degrees include Masters and PhDs in the distinctive and acclaimed Environmental Geography program and the vitally important Aquatic Resources program, two courses of study directly linked to the survival of life on this planet and its resources.

Also familiar to San Marcos is the Texas Stream Team (formerly River Watch), housed in the Landing Building of Aquarena Center. The Stream Team is affiliated with River Systems Institute at Texas State, comprised of 1,400 volunteers who collect water quality data on lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, bays, bayous and estuaries in Texas.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPW) has produced award-winning documentaries on the water resources in Texas for the past several years. On Feb 12, at 8 p.m., the fourth in the series continues on KLRU/KLRN, “Texas: The State of Flowing Water.” The show should prove to have some interest for San Marcians as it features gorgeous footage of the San Marcos River.

The visually stunning film focuses on human use of rivers and water resources in several ways, including the trend of off-channel storage reservoirs to meet future water demands. Impacts to the natural flow of rivers will be examined, including a profile of the Fastrill Reservoir project, which is proposed for the same area where a new national wildlife refuge is being created on the Neches River.

The show also will explore climate change and the importance of keeping Texas rivers flowing into coastal estuaries and bays. It will examine the link between creek beds and aquifer recharge and explain how increasing municipal demand has elevated the importance of water conservation.

Because of the important subject matter, additional funding for the TPW documentary has come from a variety of concerned organizations, including the Sport Restoration Fishing Program, the San Antonio River Authority, the Brazos River Authority and the Texas Water Foundation.

A companion website,, features a preview of the documentary, links to additional information. After the show airs, the site will present the complete program via streaming video, as well as a complete written transcript.

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  1. Education in this region proves that the enviornment

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    or polluted. MaryMargaret

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