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February 7th, 2009
City honors Nash for TIME nomination

Front row, left to right: Mayor Narvaiz, Elizabeth Nash, Chuck Nash, and Councilmember Fred Terry. Back row, left to right: Councilmembers Kim Porterfield, Chris Jones, Gaylord Bose, John Thomaides and Pam Couch. Photo by Melissa Millecam.STAFF REPORT

San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz and the city council recently honored Chuck Nash, President of Chuck Nash Auto Group, for his nomination as the 2009 TIME Magazine Dealer of the Year.

While car sales plummeted nationally in 2008, Nash struck two blows for the automobile industry. Not only did Nash open a new dealership in San Marcos, but he also headed a citizens committee that won passage of a $207 million road bond in Hays County in November.

Nash was one of 49 dealers out of 19,500 nationwide selected for recognition by TIME and Goodyear, in cooperation with the National Automobile Dealers Association.

Nash is a third-generation car dealer in Central Texas. His grandfather, John Nash, opened Capital Chevrolet in 1926. Nash came to San Marcos in 1976 and opened his first dealership in town.

In November, Nash opened a new dealership two miles south of Yarrington Road on Interstate-35. Nash said the new location will place him in the path of San Marcos’ growth, which, he said, is the north side of town.

The dealership features 42,700 square feet under roof utilizing sustainable technologies such as low-heat glass, natural illumination and ventilation, a high albedo roof to reduce heat gain and motion controlled lighting among other such features. The outdoor lot can hold an inventory of 435 cars.

Nash’s grand opening took place as bad news struck the economy on a daily basis. While Nash cut the ribbon in his new store, General Motors, his supplier, asked the federal government for help after announcing a third quarter loss of $2.5 billion.

But Nash, 57, explained that it made sense to open his new GMC dealership during tough times. Now that it’s done, he won’t have to worry about it when he could be selling cars.

“When I looked at it, I’d rather be building it during a time when the economy is a little slower because what I want to do is really blow and go when it turns and I don’t want to be tied down with building a dealership when it’s really hustling and bustling,” Nash said.

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  2. Congratulations to Chuck Nash. His continuing efforts in our local community as well as statewide through Texas Parks & Wildlife and other worthy organizations reinforce the blessings in San Marcos and the surrounding area. Thank you, Chuck! PRB

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