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January 29th, 2009
Coppoletta announces new run for council

Lisa Marie Coppoletta, who ran unsuccessfully for San Marcos City Council in 2008, is trying an early start for a 2009 campaign.

Associate Editor

Former San Marcos City Council candidate Lisa Marie Coppoletta is gearing up to run for office in the November 2009 election. Coppoletta said she is vying for the Place 5 seat currently held by Councilmember Pam Couch.

“I’m running as a candidate of fiscal responsibility,” Coppoletta said. “… We need to tighten our belts and cut waste.”

Coppoletta said she is conducting a city budget audit, under the Freedom of Information Act, in preparation for the race. She said several details concern her, especially “during harsh-economic times.”

Coppoletta named several issues central to her campaign, including:

* Stewardship of the river and natural environment,
* Protecting the integrity of neighborhoods,
* Affordable housing,
* Proactive commitment revitalization of downtown,
* Currency circulation by investment in local business,
* Bike and pedestrian paths, and
* Large convention venues in tandem with small downtown business.

Coppoletta lost a bid for council in November 2008, falling to incumbent Chris Jones. Coppoletta received 44.4 percent of the vote (4,925) to 55.6 percent for Jones (6,168).

“She was totally elated with the amount of support and votes,” said Coppoletta’s Campaign Manager Daniel Scales, who also is her husband of 22 years.

Asked how she will campaign differently this time, Coppoletta said she is preparing far in advance, will hold several fund-raisers, and is developing the “Lisa Marie Street Team.” Among the Street Team’s goals is to go door to door to meet and greet residents, talk about issues affecting San Marcos, “and most importantly (help voters) get to know the candidate.”

Scales said Coppoletta’s loss to Jones was due to limited resources and organization and “not enough time.” He said Coppoletta wanted a “true” democracy, and Jones was running unopposed. Therefore, she decided to run for office against him.

“She plans on getting elected this time,” Scales said. “From day one, she decided to go at it again. And she is pumped.”

Coppoletta is an Academic Advisor and University Seminar Instructor at Texas State University, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Speech at Austin Community College. She received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Speech Communication at Texas State University.

She was appointed to the San Marcos Arts Commission this year.

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0 thoughts on “Coppoletta announces new run for council

  1. Interesting to see how the results will pan out. Bless Lisa for trying again, but we’ll see what San Marcos decides.

  2. Really? At least she’s already expanded her list of issues beyond bringing the film industry to town to save us with jobs as extras… “Preparing in advance,” now there’s a good idea! Maybe a little less hubris this time too. OR, she could go away and we could get Betsy Robertson back…

  3. Jesse, I guess you have a few good ideas of your own? Would you like to volunteer to run and show your civic pride? Are you going to put in long weekends putting up signs, and talking with people in over a dozen precincts?
    More people need to get involved, and run. We need citizens speaking their minds, giving their inputs, and watching what is going on in council chambers.
    I would take some movie cash infusion, and a few temp jobs as extra’s, over the money the city spent to “create” jobs by moving Springtown stores out on I-H35 south.
    Way to go Lisa!

  4. Will we see more “gotcha” YouTube clips this time around?

    Anyways, isn’t this a non-story for an election that will be in November? If I remember right, Lisa can’t start putting up yard signs until later in the year, unless she (or her supporters) want to violate the City sign ordinance. And accepting campaign contributions before she can officially file for office… that’s just asking for trouble.

  5. It’s bad enough that we have to be campaigned to long in advance of presidential and congressional elections but city council??? Come on, get real. Don’t start the silly season locally so soon. Next we will be seeing debates over Easter!

  6. If you read the article you will know why she’s getting motivated sooner than later. She’s actually trying to win a race, and for good reason, our city needs changes. Im glad someone is taking the initiative of moving forward. Why are we hating on someone’s endeavors, embrace and encourage democracy.

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  8. Our local politics are just as dirty as our national politics, so if a candidate would like to garner support months in advance of the filind date, I dont see a problem with that at all. Our national politics start campaign with a 2 year head start. Maybe if candidates did campaign locally with a year before the election, we could really vet them and see beyond the political lies.

  9. Its interesting to see how some are persecuting Lisa Coppoletta for trying to begin working on her effort to get elected. If anything I think she should be applauded for giving it another go, after losing last year. She obviously is concerned about our local issues and wants to address them. All of us do like to complain a lot (myself included) but none of us are running for office.Hmmm seems to me some our cowards, hipocrites or are just encouraging our council to be complete lame ducks, as they usually are (except for recent efforts in Washington by some of our officials.)

  10. This is why we can’t can’t get good, ethical, public-service-minded citizens to run in this town anymore.

  11. Because of why “meanpeoplesuck”? I gather you’re in favor of Coppoletta running, just wondering about your analysis.

  12. I’d like to know when Lisa Marie Coppoletta will be hosting some fundraiser, I’d really like to support her endeavor. I remember her campaign last year, and she brought up some good stuff, can’t wait to see her in action this year. Pam Couch will have a run for her money, although, the Narvaiz-clan will probably bank roll pam couch’s campaign and rally support. The mayor cant lose another blind-faith follower on the council.

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