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December 14th, 2008
Run with Moe – 12/14/08

This Tuesday, December 16th, the Annual Christmas Lights Fun Run will be held down at the Courthouse Square starting at 6:30 p.m. The Christmas Lights Run is organized by the San Marcos Runners Club and the public is invited to participate and join in this traditional run down San Antonio Street and through other neighborhoods. Since the run is in the evening the organizers strongly suggest wearing light colored clothes, reflective gear, and maybe carrying a flashlight to see if the trail leads up a dark lit street. This is a very fun run and all speeds and abilities are welcome. There are usually a number of walkers included and speed ranges from a quick pace to those that want to slow down and enjoy the decorations of the homes. There are always enough people at your pace that everybody will usually have a group or pair of runners to run with.

Costumes are welcome and encouraged. It may be a Christmas Hat, bells on the shoes, elves tights, even dressing up as a well-known Christmas character such as Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer, a wooden soldier, or a ballerina. In line skates have been known to be part of the group even though it is hard to see debris on the road that sometimes may clog the wheels.I am not sure how many years this run has been taking place but it goes back almost 20 years that I know of. Weather has a big part of how many runners show up but as far as I know there has not been a year when it has not taken place. The two I remember the most are one where the temperature was in the teens and only three of us showed up. Talk about a cold run but the hot chocolate and warm soup at a restaurant afterward made it all worthwhile. The other one happened only a few years ago when a large group started out in nice balmy weather and then it slowly increased the intensity of the rain until toward the end of the run it was a good downpour. I was a little embarrassed as the group sat in the restaurant afterward with water just dripping of the clothes and soaking the floor and chairs. I think we ordered enough food to make up for the clean up afterward. There is a slight chance of rain on Tuesday night according to some advance weather reports. It is recommended to put a dry set of clothes in the car for after the run if it rains.

After the run the group will meet at the San Marcos Activity Center for goodies and conversation. Last year there were a few drawings for prizes and lots of good food. If you would like to contribute a little to the after race party call Laura Mason at 665-2974 and let her know what you are bringing. This helps so that everybody does not bring the same type of food. One year we had about 5 different bowls of potato salad for runners to choose from. Cookies are always welcome, as well as salads, desserts, something to drink, or your favorite treat can be included. One favor the group asks that comes up now and then is that you do not bring last years fruit cake that you got from a relative to palm off on the group. If you got it this year and it is still fresh that might qualify as an item to bring.

All in all this is a very fun and enjoyable run and it gives you a chance to see the decorated homes up close and at a slow pace and not driving in a car for that quick glance. Bring a guest, stop in at the Activity Center after the run, meet new friends, enjoy old friends and have a great time celebrating the festive season. It is also a great opportunity to get a head start on keeping the weight off for the over indulgence that often goes with the Christmas holidays. Too much food, too many football games and the next thing a person knows is that the belt they got for Christmas doesn’t fit. Go for a run this Tuesday night.

by Moe Johnson

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